Power Live Charts with the iCharts Data API

Use the iCharts Data API to power any chart you create with the iCharts Studio directly from your database. The iCharts chart widget will fetch the latest data from your database whenever the page the chart resides on is refreshed. You can embed a live chart on any website, public or privately, behind a firewall or a paywall.

There are many examples of how you can use the iCharts Data API to power rich interactive charts:

  1. You have data that updates very frequently, such as continuous feedback results or commodity prices, in your database and you would like to have a real time chart on your web site, as well as other sites where your chart is embedded.
  2. You have a secured database, such as a sales database, that updates in real time and you would like an interactive chart to display selected information without exposing the entire data set.
  3. You have a portal, such as a customer portal, where dynamic charts are displayed based on user credentials.

Follow these instructions to set up and power live charts with an iCharts Data API Connector: