iCharts is proud to announce some exciting news for our role in providing easy-to-use tools to help people and businesses alike tell a story through data graphics. Design inspiration site Creative Bloq created a list of the Top 20 Best Data Visualization Tools available on the web, featuring us as the No. 1 online service.

Creative Bloq applauds iCharts for our tool's interactive elements and the ability to pull data from Google Docs, Excel spreadsheets, and more. Our customizable templates allow users to choose color schemes that compliment the design of their website and to format their data in the most effective, aesthetically pleasing way possible. Combining design news, tips, and inspiration, Creative Bloq provides its readers with a wide array of online material to suit every designer's needs with over 2 million visits per month and counting. The site is part of Future Publishing, an international media group that has created over 200 specialist publications, apps, websites and events since 1985.

Codegeekz , is a web site for geeks to become even more geeker by listing top web based tools. They compiled a list of Top 30 data visualization tools , featuring iCharts as the #1 tool. It highlights our cloud-based and patented charting tool that enable companies and individuals to brand, market, and share their data as chart content to millions of viewers across the web.

We'd like to thank the authors of Creative Bloq and codegeekz.com for featuring us and encourage others to sign up today for our FREE Basic Plan to see how you can use our services to do more with your data.