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So were you waiting for the iPhone 5 announcement and now like me a bit dissapointed in the iphone 4S announcement. I was  getting so used to saying "I want the iphone 5, can not wait ! " and all of a sudden not too excited about even pronouncing the iphone 4S.  Well , one can always call it the new iphone 4.  I am not sure who has started the whole iPhone 5 rumour some say to get the google search stats going.

Zynga, the creators of very popular Farmville and Cityville at Facebook is in murky waters. According to SEC filings for the fourth quarter reveal that year-on-year, Zynga’s profits are down 95%, going from $27.2M to $1.3M. Bookings are down for the first time ever for the company, dropping 4% from $286.6M to $274.7M.

No Spotify Access without Facebook account - Here come the Google Music Invites

Previously, one needed an invitation to join the free Spotify tier. I was lucky enough to receive such a coveted invite when they first launched in Europe. After many months of  streaming music for free from my desktop,  the dream ended. The ads started getting more frequent. More annoying.

Facebook wants to turn your timeline into infographics — visualizing huge amounts of data

Mark Zuckerberg, started his keynote speech at f8 with some big data : "A record 500 million people used Facebook the same day. We’re connected now.

comScore released their monthly comScore qsearch analysis of the U.S search marketplace. The explicit Core Search can make you jump at first and make you wonder what exactly is the " Explicit Core Search " is.

According to comScore's report published on September 12, 2011 on the results of a study on e-commerce sites in France that France’s digital marketplace is advancing.

Nielsen Media Research, the company that measures TV viewership and provides ratings, recently examined social media in the U.S. and found out Americans spend more time on Facebook than on any other website. Social Media has become a big part of our lives and it shapes how we watch TV, how we shop and even how connect with our friends.

500px, the website isn’t that new – in fact it has been around since 2003. The site is based out of Toronto, Canada and actually have been around way before Flickr.

Recently, we all heard the big news that Beyonce was expecting her first baby right before hitting 30 years old. This all happened while America was watching the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday night and MTV had its biggest audience ever, with an amazing number of 12.4 million people.

We have seen protests lately and witnessed the spread of information in the uprisings of the Middle East where social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have been used as powerful political tool. Looking at what happened in the past months in Egypt, Syria or Turkey, we know now that Facebook and Twitter have a big political weight. Just take a look Turkey, it is the fourth largest community of Facebook users in the world.

Do you watch music videos on You tube? Did you come across the name VeVo? I am sure you have especially if you are a big fan of Lady Gaga. VeVo is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. VeVo, the music video site backed by Universal and Sony, and supported by EMI. VeVo offers music videos from three of the ‘big four’ major record labels: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and EMI.

“Ticket sites were popular in July as Americans looked to make the most out of their summer at concerts, sports and other events,” said Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore Media Metrix. “Many parents took advantage of early back-to-school promotions at Consumer Goods and Apparel sites, whi

StumbleUpon founder and CEO Garrett Camp @gmc announced on August 19, 2011 on twitter that "StumbleUpon now drives over 50% of all social referral traffic to US websites!" According to StatCounter's measurements, StumbleUp

Where were you when you learned the death of Amy Winehouse? I was at a hair dresser going through my twitter stream as I was waiting for my turn. Incredible that even BBC or any other news site was not covering the shocking news. News of Amy Winehouse’s tragic death hit Twitter 20 minutes after she was found dead in her North London flat.


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