Market and brand your business
with interactive social charts

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Generate Demand
  • Increase Sales
  • Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Increase Brand Awareness

  • Use data insights to market your business
  • Brand charts with corporate images and logos
  • Share public charts on the web or via press releases far beyond your initial reach
  • Get exposure by allowing journalists, bloggers and 3rd party sites to re-embed your chart
  • Leverage distribution on the iCharts ChartChannel
  • Make charts searchable by adding tags and descriptions
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leads from charts

Generate Demand

  • Attract visitors with interactive charts
  • Increase site stickiness with attractive visuals
  • Increase reach by enabling users to share charts
  • Engage users with rich, explorable charts
    (we call them PowerCharts)
  • Feature a "Chart Of The Day" on your homepage

Increase Sales

  • Use charts as a marketing tool that viewers click on
  • Activate a custom lead form for your charts
  • Associate a product or service with the lead form
  • Leads are emailed to your sales rep
  • Or integrated with your salesforce account
leads from charts
Marketing Effectiveness

Measure Marketing effectiveness

  • Get analytics on chart usage
  • Measure which charts are being picked up and where
  • Learn which charts are being viewed most
  • Learn which charts are being shared on social networks

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