How do I add a chart from an IDC press release to my website or blog?

Adding a chart from a press release into your website or blog is simple and straightforward. If you come across a chart within a press release that you would like to use for an article or a blog post you are writing, all you have to do is click, copy and paste.

  1. Click. Click "Share" at the top left corner of the chart. Doing so will open a open up a pop-up presenting you with various ways to use and share the chart. 

  1. Copy. Click on the Embed field. Doing so will copy the embed code to your clipboard.

  1. Paste. Now that you have the embed code, navigate to your the content creation area of your website.  Ensure that you are posting the code into the source code and not the WYSIWYG editor interface. If options to make the font bold, underlined or italic are visible to you, for example, you must switch to the HTML editor mode. Then paste the chart embed code and continue writing your article.

After following these steps, your final article will now have an interactive chart within it that your readers can share with their social networks or use for their own website. The charts will appear both on mobile as well online browsers.