Turbo visualization for Netsuite

Netsuite Reporting Tools Guide

Practical advice on how to select the right visual reporting solution to visualize your NetSuite data based on your business needs

iCharts for NetSuite Product Brief

iCharts for NetSuite removes the complexity of traditional reporting and business analytics tools by making ERP, CRM and external data accessible to everyone

iCharts for NetSuite Video

2 minute video highlighting the key features of iCharts for NetSuite

iCharts for NetSuite On Demand Demonstration

Watch pre-recorded 15-minute demonstration of iCharts for NetSuite

iCharts for NetSuite Webinar Series

Sign-up for an interactive 45-minute webinar highlighting the capabilities of iCharts for NetSuite. Multiple available dates and times appear on the next page

Key Features and Benefits


Create powerful visualizations in minutes No data preparation or cutting and pasting data into Excel. Probe data sets and drill-down visually to identify further metrics. Publish to NetSuite to build a new dashboard without having to ask IT for support.


Fully integrated within NetSuite. Create and view your data visualizations right within your NetSuite dashboards. No separate system or browser window to log in. Your visualizations are always available when and where you need them, embedded in your business processes.


Most BI tools rely on complex processes to prepare data before it can be visualized. iCharts always accesses your live transactional data, allowing you to manage your business in real-time, not based on outdated extracts.


You likely rely on many systems to run your business. Do you use NetSuite for ERP and Salesforce for CRM? Do you use Google Analytics for web metrics? Access all your business data sources in a single location and build visual representations to get a true 360-degree view of your business.
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