Holiday Stats & Stories: Sales Skyrocket for All Industries Last Weekend

Today we wind down from a week full of buzz around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. All eyes were on whether the results would bring good tidings for retailers and the American economy - and they did.

Holiday 2012 Cheer, Stats and Stories

If you’ve been watching TV, scrolling through online shopping sites, or wandered around a mall in the last few weeks, you can probably guess what time of the year it is. You guessed it - the holidays!

History was made yet again last Tuesday when Barack Obama was re-elected as the United States’ 44th president, entering a second term with 332 electoral votes compared to Mitt Romney’s 206.

To no one's surprise, the President’s victory is still being celebrated around the country, making a particular splash by setting record-breaking numbers across a number of social media platforms.

Less than a week until Election Day, and the race is neck in neck. Across all polls, both candidates are ranked almost exactly the same, making the next president even more difficult to predict. Who will be the next to fill the White House?

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At iCharts we often get questions from inside and outside about our value proposition. Truth be told, our story (our value prop) has evolved over the years and while our core strengths haven't changed...the why and when you use iCharts has shifted with an ever-changing media industry.

So how's that?

Elections fever is in full swing with ballots due in less than two weeks, and Americans are taking to heart everything each candidate says.

Over the last few decades, the internet has evolved into a treasure trove of information, research, and data. Most of us turn to the web as an all-knowing resource whenever we have questions to be asked or itches to be scratched.

T-minus 21 days to Elections Day, November 6!
Will you vote? How will you vote?

At iCharts, it’s fair to say we’re a little data obsessed. We’re particularly data obsessed as it relates to this year’s U.S. Presidential Election.

Why? Because we’re witnessing, first-hand, dramatic shifts in how voters and politicians interact with one another based on technological advances in recent years.  Entertaining or serious, it’s come a long way in four years and even farther in the last two hundred.

Hard to believe we're approaching that time of year when jack-o-lanterns haunt stoops, when kids ramble around in costumes, when fall dinner p

Countless outlets - both in and out of media - are being used today to advertise and promote this year’s presidential candidates, one of the most influential being social networking. Trending likes, reposts, and retweets all weigh in on the digital discussion that’s changing the way our country does politics.

At iCharts we're always itching to showcase what iCharts does for marketers, publish

Wow. We're only two weeks away from the Summer Olympics 2012! At iCharts we're excited to soon launch an iCharts - Inside the Olympics - ChartChannel.

For now, follow along as we post new charts to showcase the buzz, hype and amazing stats the precede the actual event.


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