Whether you have just got engaged or you are putting together a vision board for future nuptials, looking through  reception ideas is a lot of fun. We recently went down the rabbit hole of wedding color schemes, menu ideas, and dress inspiration, and came across a lot of great options.

The following article is our pick of the best wedding reception theme trends to watch this year. Get ready to be inspired!

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1. Rustic


This wedding reception theme has taken center stage in many a wedding thanks to the warm and charming atmosphere it creates. It’s reminiscent of family, comfort, and togetherness.

Farms and older buildings provide the ideal setting for this theme because they allow for a more relaxed and laid-back feel. You can bring it to life with elegantly arranged earthy colors, coarse textures, as well as raw wood and stone.

Rustic décor is also way more budget-friendly and lends itself to DIY style for the hands-on, thrifty couple.

2. Romantic


If you’re a romantic at heart, then you should definitely consider this wedding reception theme. Its emphasis is on celebrating the love between the couple while highlighting popular wedding traditions that are important to both families.

The style is characterized by the flow of natural light, complemented by the ambient glow of golden fairy lights. It gives off a very whimsical and magical feel that is truly… romantic.

3. Traditional


Keep things simple with a classic traditional wedding. This theme is obviously steeped in tradition as the name implies, and it usually takes place in an old-school chapel or an outdoor setting, depending on the bride’s preference.

4. Vintage


If you’re the kind of girl who finds 60s fashion and antiques more appealing than the contemporary minimalist movement, then you’ll definitely enjoy a vintage wedding. This theme is becoming increasingly popular, and it has a very boho and rustic feel to it. That’s because these two elements pair well together to create a well-rounded aesthetic.

5. Contemporary glam


For all the luxe girls out there, glamorous contemporary wedding receptions are a great way to celebrate your union while showing off your personal style. You know you’re in a “luxe” wedding (as they’re called) when you see large floral installations and glamorous chandeliers, a la KimYe’s 2014 nuptials. Overall, this theme adds a nice “wow” factor that makes for an unforgettable event.

6. Outdoor


Who doesn’t love an outdoor wedding? Whether you tie the knot on a tropical beach, an elegant garden, or an ancient forest, there’s something magical about experiencing your big day out in nature.
Couples who love this trend are obviously comfortable with the elements because your décor will be centered on natural colors and textures.

7. Boho chic

You don’t have to be a Burning Man enthusiast or a hippie to enjoy chic boho style. Bohemian weddings are incredibly popular and are characterized by bare feet, greenery, and the use of gorgeous arbors. This wedding reception theme looks great with a beach or garden background and benefits from the use of light colors and textures.

8. Beach


Speaking of the beach… nothing looks prettier than a beach wedding. Think floral archways, rose petals on the sand and white furniture, and décor. It’s definitely a breezy and lighthearted décor style that’s perfect for anyone that has access to a gorgeous coastline.

The only downside with beach weddings (and outdoor weddings in general), is that they’re seasonal, and you have to time the date perfectly to avoid undesirable weather conditions.

9. Vineyard


The vineyard theme takes care of the wedding reception venue and provides a beautiful setting for your special day. It also offers a stunning background for your wedding day pictures with rolling hills and lush greenery that looks great with any color scheme. More about this check on Factory51.

10. D.I.Y


This is more of a secondary theme that’s quite popular among millennial couples because it allows you to create an Instagram-worthy dream wedding on a budget.

However, it’s important to pick your battles when considering this theme because there are certain elements of a wedding that are more expensive when you DIY as opposed to just paying for the finished article.