When we have free time, we do various leisure activities and hobbies to either relax and recharge our batteries, or simply have fun. However, not all of these hobbies and pastime activities are similar, nor do they cost the same. Regular people are happy with regular bike rides through the woods on a lovely weekend, but things are a bit different with rich people.


In general, their hobbies and activities are a little bit different. Some of them have extravagant hobbies like collecting classic cars or hosting yacht parties in the Caribbean Sea. Others love to play golf or participate in and give money to charities.


Following is the list of 15 most extravagant hobbies rich and powerful people enjoy doing in their spare rime:

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15. Skiing

The winter sport has been around for centuries. First, it was just a means of transport. I then became an aid in winter military operations. However, only in the latest 3 centuries has skiing become a sport and a recreational activity famous today. Currently, it is one of the most favorite outdoor activities of many people, especially the most wealthy and famous. A lot of famous billionaires love to take the slopes and slide downhill. It gives such a thrill. Some of them might own ski resorts, like Roman Abramovich, who was rumored to have wanted to buy the famous French resort, Courchevel.


14. Flying

Flying was a dream for many people while they were kids. Unfortunately, very few develop such resources to achieve this dream, as the money required to learn to fly a plane and own one is staggering. In order to receive a Private Pilot License, you need to set aside $10.000. When it comes to buying a plane, an old and basic, second hand Cessna 172 Skyhawk runs for more than $100.000. Because of these prices, it is easy to understand why only the rich and famous own planes. Bruce Dickinson and his Iron Maiden band own a Boeing 747 as their tour plane, called Ed Force One.


13. Golf

For many who like other sports, golf is pretty boring. Others find it calming. Without a doubt, it is one of those sports, which rich and famous favor. From the legendary actor Clint Eastwood to Donald Trump, paying the enormous fees for the most exclusive golf club memberships comes easy. These are at least tens of thousands of dollars just for joining. The equipment is also quite expensive. Many like to tour the best golf courses in the world, and travel far and wide just to play in the afternoon. If you are interested in learning more about golf and practicing. Check out this website.


12. Polo

As a gentleman’s sport, it is the most appealing to generations of royal families. It is the classic game of the wealthy and sophisticated people, and is one of the most expensive hobbies on our list. The sport requires quite an amount of practice. Money also needs to be high, as buying and especially owning a horse, as well as a polo club membership, are not cheap by any means.


11. Hunting

Although many ordinary folk do it as well, hunting is something powerful and rich enjoy a lot. The activity can get pretty expensive and really fast. Depending on the country you live in, even owning a gun may be expensive. The taxes are what is the most costly part, accompanied by the expenses of expedition. Furthermore, big game hunting in Africa is as exotic and heavy on the wallet as they come.


10. Reading

The richest people may read because they have time and money, or they managed to get time and money because they read when they needed to. Regardless, reading is one of the favorite hobbies of many of the wealthiest on the planet. It is not an expensive hobby, unless you want to have an enormous library. However, it helps develop thinking skills that are always necessary in the business world, and in expanding one’s fortunes.


9. Philanthropy

Philanthropy is a welcomed habit of the rich people, as allegedly over 50% of them are committed to various charitable causes like fundraisingbrick.com. There are countless charitable foundations around the world, started by some of the most famous and wealthiest people.

The reasons for the hobby can be subjective. Some do it to feel better, some to help as many as they can. Either way, is requires a lot of money, and it is a beautiful thing to give back to the people.


8. Sailing

Another extravagant and expensive sport that sits between unaffordable and extremely unaffordable is sailing. Even renting a small sailing ship is pricey, so what is the point to even mention owning a big fancy yacht. The entire activity is almost reserved to the rich and powerful. Most famous celebrities, like George Clooney, are among those lucky enough who do it as a hobby. Sailing is a noble sport avtivity, while just owning a yacht and throwing open sea parties is more of a hobby. Either way, both require immense sums of money.


7. Race Car Driving

Those who need a lot of adrenaline in their veins, and who can afford it, owning and driving a racecar is the one hobby to have. Driving around a racetrack in a super-fast, high performance machine is sure to add excitement to their lives. It is an activity with a heft price tag, as mere minutes on a track may cost around $1000. And of course, minutes are not enough for a hobby like this. When it comes to cars, they can run for millions of dollars.


6. Owning Collections

Art pieces, antiques, watches, jewelry and classic cars, collecting is a hobby in its own right, adored by many. Another hobby not exclusive to the rich and powerful, it can easily become one. While ordinary people collect post stamps, those who can collect classic cars or WWII warplanes. Once you start doing it, finding more and more valuable items is hard to stop and can push this hobby far into the expensive side. However, it is there where it is the most interesting.


5. Equitation

As one of the favorite pastime activities of the wealthy and powerful, equitation is becoming more and more common and popular. Owning a horse is definitely not simple nor the cheapest hobby. Everything about it is expensive, from buying, owning, and maintaining the horse, to feeding it and affording special equipment to ride and transport the beautiful animal.


4. Winemaking

Generally, fine wines are a must with the rich people, and something most of them have tasted. However, this is not enough for some, so they decided that growing a vineyard and making their own wine for themselves is going to be their hobby. Dozens of villas owned by the famous people have their own wine cellars and wineries with hundreds of bottles at the ready.


3. Running

Consider by many as a great cardio activity to stay healthy and in shape, many think it is a hard thing to do. Rich people of all ages love running in the morning, and they always stick to it, no matter the season. Healthy body is something everyone should aim for. If you have time, and rich people do, you should do it. It is certainly not as expensive as other entries on the list, unless you want to do it on a treadmill in your personal gym.


2. High Altitude Mountain Climbing

The nobles invented mountain climbing to separate themselves from the rest. Today however, more and more people embrace various kinds of hiking, trekking and climbing as exercise. High altitude mountain has managed to remain a thing that rich people do, though. Reaching the most famous summits is pricey. For example, climbing Mount Everest starts at around $35.000, and can go over $100.000. Many peaks also have taxes one must pay to climb them. It is the ultimate feat of strength, and a great personal adventure. Money goes on gear and supplies, your body lacks oxygen for extended periods of time, and you do not gain much else. However, it is something they can afford, so they decide to enjoy it as much as they can.


1. Traveling

Traveling is ever increasing in popularity and becoming more affordable to many social groups. Here you can see nice holiday location. The cost of transport becomes lower while technology is evolving, so vacations are constantly getting cheaper. Nevertheless, still too many people cannot afford more than a couple of weeks of traveling per year. The richest, however, have both the money and the time to spend months wherever they feel like it. Too see some of the locations they visit, click here. This then becomes a hobby in itself. First class, exotic destinations, and extravagant resorts and hotels are some of the benefits of traveling without worrying about the money.