Looks are something that people these days appreciate a lot, but even if you don’t do it for them, you’re doing it for yourself. Liking the way you look is something that can boost your self-confidence, and sometimes all you need is a high-quality paint that is affordable and can change your looks completely.

Since there are so many products on the market these days, it is quite tricky to pick the right one, so instead of ending up paying hundreds of dollars for the one that is not guaranteed to work.


For some people, painting hair in a different color is just a “teenage thing”, but they fail to realize that many celebrities and grown-ups do it, especially the ones in their early fifties. Anyway, we are here to talk about the top five hair-coloring products that you can choose from, so if you are interested in learning more, why not stick with us until the end?

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Why we recommend DIY


Getting your hair dyed at a hair salon will cost you a lot of money, probably somewhere around a hundred bucks, and at the more luxurious places, the price can be even in the five-hundred area. To avoid completely breaking your economy and paying an unnecessarily large sum of money, we recommend dyeing your hair at home.

To do this, you will need some basic knowledge of painting hair, a top-quality product that we’re going to help you discover, and about one to two hours of patience and delicate work. It’s not as difficult as you think it is, and some numerous online tutorials and guides can help you out, so let’s fast-forward to the part that you’ve all been waiting for, choosing the right product.

1. Natural Instincts – Clairol


Clairol is the brand, and Natural Instincts is the name of the product. This hair dye can help you achieve amazing and fresh looks without spending too much money. The product costs about seventeen dollars, and for the quality that you are receiving, it’s worth it.

What is worthy to note about Natural Instincts is the fact that it has no ammonia in the formula, and it contains a few other healthy ingredients that will not only make your hair look better but healthier and stronger as well. A great alternative with the same characteristics can be found at Loreal Paris.

2. Nice and Easy – Clairol


nother top-shelf product by Clairol, a very reputable brand that is known for attention to detail in the world of cosmetics and beauty. This product is just slightly more expensive than the previous one, but that is because it has one hundred percent gray coverage. The ingredients used in it are natural, it contains nothing that can harm your hair or scalp, and it is rated quite high from all the critics and testers.

So, not only it improves your looks, but it makes your hair a lot softer, and it’s a very pleasant feeling to experience. Besides, the shiny look is very fabulous.

3. ColorSilk – Revlon


If you are on a budget, and you just want to save as much money as you can, this is the product that we recommend. It can be purchased at any Walmart market, and it costs less than seven dollars. Don’t let the price fool you, this product contains no ammonia and it has a bunch of other healthy ingredients that will make your scalp softer and your hair shinier.

Once again, one hundred percent gray coverage and it doesn’t fade out even after a month and a half. If you want to try a quick change that won’t cost you a lot of money, this one is it.

4. Superior Preference, Glam Lights – Loreal


Loreal once again with their top-shelf products, a hair dye that costs just thirteen dollars, and it provides the best results that you can get. No ammonia, easy to apply, lasts very long and it is cheap. What else can you wish for?

Inside the packaging, you will find the famous highlighting brush that the brand provides just for you, so you get a little bit of extra for the price, which is already a quite good deal.

According to the Amazon reviewers and testers, this is the best deal for the money, and it comes in different shades as well, so feel free to choose the one that you think is most suitable for your new idea.

5. Madison Reed


The last but not least product for today, a hair dye that is approved by all against-animal-cruelty organizations, and probably the healthiest one available on the market. The price is close to thirty dollars, but here’s what you get for it.

According to testers and reviewers, this formula is “6-free”, and for those of you that are not very familiar with the term, this means that it doesn’t include six unhealthy ingredients that can be found in other formulas. Parabens, gluten, ammonia, resorcinol, phthalates, and PPD are all not included in this product, so you can use it without worrying about the health of your scalp and hair.



Dyeing your hair is something that can be done either at home or at a salon, and although the approach in a salon can be slightly more professional, it doesn’t always guarantee the best results, and most importantly, it will cost you a lot of money.

If you want to make a quick change of your look, whether to test out a new thing or simply because that’s how you are feeling at the moment, it is much better to purchase a quality hair paint and do the entire thing at home. You can ask for help from a friend or a relative, and without patience and effort, you will get the same experience that a salon can offer you, except you won’t pay hundreds of dollars for the service.

It might sound tricky at first, but it is easy to do and you can learn it from the internet. On the market, there are currently many products, but some contain harmful ingredients and others are way too expensive, so feel free to use our recommendations if you are looking for a great product that won’t leave your wallets empty.