Long layovers can be a drag.

While you might find yourself more relaxed in the business lounge, comfort can be costly and the extra expense hard to justify. If you take a look at some of the most popular airports out there, you will see that they can provide you with a lot of these services. Surely, a vast majority of people will not consider these necessary.

Just think about how many times you have heard about a situation when someone is sleeping on the seats at the airport. Naturally, there is no comfort in doing something like this. Still, it saves money to the passengers who are about to board a flight, and they have some free time on their hands.

Not only that, many people try to cut the time needed for these by reading a book. But, as you can presume, not all people out there are interested in saving their money by sacrificing comfort. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to do that, you’ll be happy to see there are quite a lot of locations that can provide you with a lot of different entertainment to keep your mind occupied while you wait to board an airplane.

Luckily, there are some airports out there that have really come through for those of us who want to keep the cost down – here are five fantastic things for you to do while waiting for your flight in some of the world’s most stylish airports. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from being at these.

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1. Go Swimming in Singapore

Source: tripsavvy.com

Singapore’s Changi Airport is arguably one of the most stylish airports in the world. From a four-storey high slide to a mirror maze, there’s simply so much to do there, you could make a whole day of it! Not only that you will have a chance to spend some quality time on a wide array of different sorts of entertainment, but you can also enjoy the luxury this place manifests.

Even though there are a lot of things you can do, there is one particular activity we would like to point out. Pack your swimsuit in your hand luggage and take a dip in the airport’s rooftop pool, you can sip a cocktail while you watch the planes take off – just make sure the plane you’re watching isn’t yours, we know it can be easy to get carried away there!

2. Admire the View in the Maldives

Source: skytraxratings.com

While the internal décor of Velana Airport might not be the most exciting of the entries on our list, there is nothing that beats the luxury views you’ll get of that turquoise ocean-spanning out in every direction. You surely know that the Maldives is one of the most popular places you can visit in the world. It attracts millions of tourists every year, and this number hasn’t been on the decline for the last couple of decades.

Located on Hulhulé, the runway spans the entire length of the island… That image only speaks a lot about what you can expect from this place. Just imagine being able to take a look at the whole island at once. Without any doubt, this is something that can trigger quite a lot of beautiful emotions. The view is something you see on wallpapers on your laptop. if you’re a nervous flyer then it’s probably best that you don’t think about that too much!

3. Experience Excellent Art Installations in London

Source: blog.tortugabackpacks.com

Airports are one of the best places to find fascinating art installations. We can see that this concept is original since this is something you cannot find in any other place similar to this one. From O’Hare International Airport’s neon walkway to Denver International Airport’s 32ft blue horse, these travel hubs go out of their way to wow visitors from all over the world.

London’s Heathrow is no exception. Click here to see how the experts at Ormiston Wire, helped Mead Construction install a work consisting of 300 brightly coloured umbrellas from the ceiling of Terminal 5, to raise awareness for neurodevelopmental disorders. Without a doubt, you will have a lot of impressions after visiting this place, you can be sure of that.

4. Go Green in the Gardens of South Korea

Source: kpf.com

Relax among the greenery of Incheon Airport’s indoor gardens. Plantlife has been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, so an airport is probably one of the best places to have a garden installed. In case you are about to sit and wait for a couple of hours, being surrounded by plants will surely make this waiting much easier and, without a doubt, much more pleasant.

Not only that South Korea is known as one of the most popular places to visit these days, but you can also see that staying in many different places, like this airport, can provide you with quite a lot of entertainment. There’s plenty to enjoy at Incheon Airport, with numerous artworks and performances showcasing South Korean culture and fashion, you’ll have no trouble keeping entertained while you wait for your flight!

5. Admire the Aquarium Marine Life in Vancouver

Source: richmond-news.com

Vancouver International Airport has gone the extra mile in the tourist attraction business with its very own aquarium! We don’t believe that this is something you can find in a vast majority of other similar places in the world. Even though if it is not a unique one, you can be sure that it has established itself as the most beautiful out of all of them.

The exhibit contains 30,000 gallons of saltwater and is home to hundreds of species of marine life native to British Columbia. Part of the airport’s wider sustainability initiative, the project aims to improve the quality of the airport without negatively impacting the environment.

When these provide interesting activities and exhibits, you get to start your holiday early, and keep yourself entertained – even more important if you’re flight is delayed! Preventing negativity is an absolute must. Being present in a place that provides a layer of entertainment is something that will help you overcome these problems quite easily.

Do you have a favourite airport attraction? Tell us about it in the comments below!