You might be trying very hard to shed those extra kilos and get the perfect body. New year resolutions and dieting might not have yielded the desired results or you may have abandoned it mid-way. But all is not bleak here.

There are some amazing foods and these over the counter appetite suppressants that will help you achieve your goal. With a few simple tips you can easily lose weight and get into that perfect shape you have always wanted to get into.

While it may not be always easy, it certainly is possible and the results usually appear over a longer time frame. Remember, patience and perseverance is the key. So, let’s quickly look at 5 great ways to lose weight.

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1. Appetite Suppressants


Appetite suppressants are medical supplements usually coming in the form of tablets which help in reducing appetite and desire to eat, thus leading to weight loss. It is one of the very popular methods people opt for today and have shown to be effective in promoting weight loss.

However, it is always advisable to take the suppressants on the advice of the doctor as sometimes, these supplements may contain certain ingredients to which you might be allergic or may contain some side effects as well, especially if you are already on some other form of medication. These pills curb your appetite but they should not be seen as an alternative to daily exercise but instead a complementing one.

2. Reducing Carb Intake and Including lean proteins

By reducing carbohydrates intake, you can obtain some immediate results in weight loss within a span of just a few days. That’s how effective this strategy is. This is supported by research as well where decreased carb intake has shown to be effective in improving health and reducing weight.

To complement this, you should increase your daily intake of lean proteins. Lean proteins are commonly found in white meat such as chicken and fish and other sources include chickpeas and pulses. They reduce appetite and also power up your metabolism rate to boost weight loss

In short just cut short the sugars and starchy carbs from your diet and load up on veggies and lean proteins to get maximum results.

3. Lift Weights and High-Intensity Workouts


No better way to lose weight than exercise. Include lifting weights and some high-intensity workouts at the gym and get into good health and shape. Weight lifting and resistance training promote muscle mass and strength which in turn improves fat burning and the body also burns the stores of carbohydrates and water promoting rapid weight loss.

Similarly, carrying out high-intensity workouts for just 5 to 10 minutes a day for three to four times a week would lead to similar weight loss because of fat burning and using up the stored carbs. As the name suggests, the exercise should be of high intensity and short duration with short rest time in between.

4. Reduce Calorie Intake


While reducing calorie intake might sound like a piece of advice and a needless one, it is easier said than done as very often we are unable to resist the urge to gorge on our favorite burgers and fries and load up on aerated waters and sweetened soft drinks.

With a few simple ways, you can easily reduce the calorie intake.

  • Keep track

Keep track of the number of calories you are ingesting. You may log the food you are eating or use a calorie counting tool

  • Eat only at meal times

You should only eat at your regular meal times and resist snacking in between. This will not only ensure you eat less but also you will enjoy your regular meals more as you will be hungry on account of not snacking in between

5. Fasting


Research has shown that intermittent fasting is indeed beneficial for your overall health and promote weight loss. It gives your digestive system a needed rest and also burns fat. You can do it either with 16 hours of fasting with 8 hours of eating time or 20 hours fasting with 4 hours of eating time