Everyone is ditching their cable boxes and turning to other streaming devices and apps to cut costs and add more personalization to their content. From Amazon Fire Sticks to Smart TVs, more and more technology is being created to optimize the streaming experience for customers.

Some know about the Kodi software, most don’t. This software allows you to turn any device, laptop, cellphone, or tablet into a digital streamer granting them access to content from the internet. You may be thinking, “we get that already.” But the Kodi system is about 10 levels up from your basic streaming capabilities.

Kodi isn’t restricted by laws, or licensing and gives you the opportunity to download content from community servers. The system is capable of gaining access to any content that is shared between multiple people. The more that content is shared the faster you can download and stream it. Kodi isn’t limited to just films, you can watch your favorite TV shows from all over the world and even stream your most loved songs and videos. Many people have switched to Kodi software to make their lives simpler and their browsing experience maximized.


Kodi replaces your cable as it contains all the capabilities any cable box has. You can download and store your content for future viewing and be able to stream and record live television. Things like on demand can be worked around as Kodi doesn’t have that capability. You can still browse and stream almost any type of content you’d like.

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The main thing that stands out to customers is that the Kodi software is free. Obtaining the system that you use to connect to your TV is what costs. Even then it isn’t as expensive as it would seem considering all the things it can do. This appeals to the many people who are cutting their cable completely to save money.

The installation of a Kodi system is so popular because it was the original way to jailbreak a firestick. When it comes to speed and reliability, Kodi is a powerful alternative to the other third-party apps. If you have abandoned the traditional cables and want to set up your own household media center, look for HD streaming services on CordCuttersAnonymous.com. Here, you will get access to the Ad-free version applications, or updates when apps go down on.


Because Kodi acts as an entertainment hub it is compatible with almost any device. If that device can be connected to the internet, then Kodi will work with it. If you want to use your Kodi software on your iPad or iPhone, you will need to jailbreak it to make sure that you are capable of using it to its full potential. Android phones and devices are mainly compatible as long as they are recently up to date. Kodi can run on many different types of hardware and this contributes to why it is such a great alternative to cable tv.

Certain devices increase the Kodi experience and usage like those that are created specifically for the software. Even other streaming devices like Amazon Fire Sticks can be used for the Kodi software, though set-ups can get technical. As long as the system has high speeds it is good enough for the entertainment software. Some hardware, like Raspberry Pi 3, is capable of running the Kodi but may lag and buffer more frequently and ruin the viewing experience. The system is also compatible with all of your favorite streaming apps as well.

Bypass restrictions

Another thing that comes with the Kodi software is that you have the opportunity to bypass any restrictions, whether it be federal or state restrictions. You must download a VPN to be able to use this feature. A VPN shields you from any harmful threats across the web. Because Kodi gives you access to so much content and because you are sharing it with other people online, there are possibilities that could get a virus or accidentally allow online predator access to your personal information. To download a VPN and to understand how to use them, research online for resources on DIY tech-related projects on sites like TroyPoint.com.


Geo-restrictions, or restrictions that are within a certain geological space, can be bypassed with a VPN. VPNs are used by many different people all over the world because of the disguise it puts over your online presence. When you’re online it will look like you’re in a totally different area in the world and no one will be able to locate you exactly. Your data is encrypted and you have extreme security and privacy. This allows you to be able to download content from other users and browse the web, scroll through and post on social media, while not have to worry about anyone gaining access to your sensitive information.

Though VPNs can allow you to enjoy your favorite content without slowing down any of your streaming speeds, there are certain known myths about them that you should keep in mind. While it is true your identity is hidden you aren’t completely anonymous nor are you completely exempt from online threats. There are free VPNs out there but these providers will store your information and log your activity to help gain profit for their services. Paid VPNs do not do this as they implement strict policies to keep your information secure and allow you to surf the web without being monitored.

Unlimited Content

The amount of content available to download is limitless with the Kodi software. You have access to as many movies and TV shows as you’d like. Kodi gives you the power to search through any of your content already downloaded onto your device, but you must download certain add-ons that will give you the ability to browse and search online. From weather add-ons to twitter add-ons, there is variety when it comes to the content you want to see.

Popular add-ons in 2024:

  • Exodus
  • Movie Theater Butter
  • Maverick TV
  • Yoda
  • Destiny
  • Gen-X
  • The Magic Dragon


Another selling point is that you can customize your software to your liking. From the backgrounds to the type of content you want to see, it’s all tailored to your taste. The content you have is what you want to see and what you’ve selected. Some add-ons will suggest certain content to you, but for the most part, it is all your choice. Not only does this improve the users viewing and browsing experience but their overall streaming experience as well.