Deciding to buy a new car is a major life decision no matter who you are, what you do, or how much money you have. Whatever the combination of these factors you have in your life, buying a new vehicle can change your life completely and turn it around, both in a good way and in a bad way.

There are dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of models to choose from. Multiple different countries from all around the world are famous for making quality cars, but most of them differ in some key areas like quality, approach to certain things, tradition and modern aspects, and of course, price.

Japan has long been a famous place for car fanatics. This country is famed for its auto industry, as it is the home of major car manufacturers like Toyota, Suzuki, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, and others. Therefore, you see, there is no wonder why so many people from around the globe invest in the Japanese automotive industry. In 2018 alone, the value of vehicles exported from Japan reached 16.7 trillion yen.

If you are looking to treat yourself to a new car, you should seriously think about these brands because they truly have a lot to offer to a wide array of drivers and their respective needs. All of the major Japanese brands sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions of cars every year, and since Japan is the land of modern trends and tech, you can rest assured they are keeping up with the latest car technologies and safety.

So what is it exactly that makes Japanese cars so popular and sought after? Read on to find out and learn about the five biggest reasons why you should consider buying a Japanese car.

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Japanese cars are cheap to own, maintain, and run

What is one of the main reasons why so many people buy anything popular, no matter what it is? To put it simply, they tend to be cheap to maintain because they are built for a long-lasting efficiency. It is then unsurprising that they are a particular favorite among buyers from emerging countries who are looking to make a smart financial decision while buying something that will last them for years. Given their low running costs, it is common to find vehicles from Japan in an unreal array of settings, from family cars in residential streets, over racing machines that live on the tracks, to heavy-duty utility vehicles reserved for construction site work.

They are rigorously tested

Practically every car that goes on the market has to be extensively tested before they are road safe and ready for deployment. However, Japanese manufacturers are arguably the masters in the fields of car testing. They invest hundreds of hours in testing all parts of their products, and you can be confident that you will end up receiving excellent value for the money you gave. Quality is at the heart of the Japanese auto sector, from Nissan to Toyota. Therefore, if buy a Japanese car, and you are pretty much-guaranteed efficiency for the rest of its days.

High-tech performance under the hood

It is a wide known fact that Asia is leading the technology sector into a new and exciting territory never before seen. This is especially true of the motor industry since the Japanese cars are designed to deliver outstanding performance in all conditions. If you drive virtually any model from Japan, and you will without a doubt see this for yourself. This is most evident with the new Japanese hybrids and electric cars, the two kinds of vehicles that do this particularly well. They are adored both within and outside the borders of the country of Japan. This is largely down to the fact that both offer an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel burners. In the world of pop culture and the internet, Japanese custom-made racing cars are always represented as best, so this too serves as a reminder of just how amazing they are on the roads.

Aesthetic value

In addition to quality and performance, Japanese cars are typically visually appealing as well. Mazda sports cars, for example, are considered by many as the height of Japanese car sophistication. Just imagine cruising around in a Mazda MX 5 and you will know exactly what we mean. Some of the other notable luxury cars from Japan include the Infiniti and Acura models, not to mention Lexus, a division of Toyota. The Nissan GTR is one of the most stunning and popular sports cars ever, and its lighting start and the 0 to 60 mph run are legendary. As we mentioned earlier, it should not be a surprise that countless Japanese brands have been featured in a number of Hollywood films, most notably the “Fast and Furious” movie franchise.

Reasonable leasing rates

Last but not least, here is another key reason behind the enduring popularity of so many Japanese car brands and models. It is the fact they are readily available from most dealerships, at any one time. Many of the USA and UK companies offer a wide range of differently tuned and equipped Japanese models. Better yet, it is easy to find reasonable leasing rates for vehicles from Japan all around the world. Specialists like Zen Auto provide leasing options for various carmakers, for example. Because of this, many Brits are increasingly choosing to invest in Japanese motors.


For these five important reasons, cars made in the exciting country of Japan are among the best in the world. With such a large fan base, top quality, amazing performance and beautiful aesthetics, what more do you need from your next car? Their great value for money and cheap maintenance cost are two cherries on top of tasty sundae. You can hardly ever go wrong with a Japanese car, and it is almost always a great idea to invest in one and enjoy your life on the road.