Are you thinking about what you should do for your next trade show? There are so many things to consider in order to have a successful “gig” or “performance”.

Your trade show displays have a huge impact on the success of your booth. It is important to choose products like table cloths, flags, and more that feature your logo or business name. You should have an area ready where visitors can leave their contact information, and you should have an area of your booth where you can demonstrate your products or services.

But, then what?

Setting up your booth with trade show display rental in orlando is only the first step to a successful trade show experience. You also have to know what to do after the tables are set!

Here are five tips that will ensure your trade show booth does more than just look good—it provides the right experience to your visitors throughout the duration of the event.

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Look the Part

You should consider what to wear at the trade show very carefully. Depending on your brand and the kind of crowd at the show, you may decide to wear a polished suit or a T-shirt that is printed with your company’s logo.

Looking the part goes well beyond what you wear while you’re inside the booth. It also means looking like you’re the host of the booth!

Branded items with your logo are an easy way to do that, but your attitude is equally as important. You should play the part of an excited and knowledgeable professional to encourage people to stop by and linger inside your booth.

Make Friends—Not Sales

Selling is an art. There are many tricks to getting people to buy your items or services. When it comes to trade shows, one of the best is to focus on making friends instead of making sales.

There are a lot of salesmen at a trade show. It can get tiring for people to walk from booth to booth, hearing pitch after pitch, even if that’s what they expect. Be a breath of fresh air by focusing on getting to know them as a person instead of focusing on the sale alone.

You should never shy away from making a sale at a trade show, but your focus should be on making connections, which means being friendly instead of “salesy”.

Have Fun

Noticing that people are waltzing right past your booth, and wondering how to get them to come inside for a closer look? Have a little fun!

Looking for ways to have fun is always a great marketing strategy. That might mean being a bit cheeky online, but when it comes to your trade show booth, it’s all about looking like you’re having a good time. People will naturally want to join in on the fun if you do it right!

A few ideas include:

  • Play a movie and hand out popcorns
  • Set up yard games in your booth
  • Start an impromptu karaoke session

Get out of the Booth

Working a trade show means more than just sitting in your booth all day and hoping people will stop in to say hi. Just like the people attending the show, so too should you get out of the booth and mingle with attendees.

Start up a conversation with a few people in the food court or stop by a competitor’s booth to see what they are doing. It’s a great way to compare your booth to others, and you just may convince a few people to stop by before they leave.

Another tip? Make sure you’re wearing something with your brand name on it for a little mobile advertising!

Change up Your Display Throughout the Weekend

Many trade show attendees set up their booth and forget about it. That’s the easiest way to do it, and it may be the only way if you have a complex and interactive display. However, if you are spending a long weekend at a trade show, consider keeping things interesting by changing up your display throughout the weekend.

Rearrange features of your booth, find ways to make it more colorful with flags, or add a new game or demonstration. It will make the weekend more enjoyable for you, but it will also help you discover what works and what doesn’t for future trade shows.

The way you set up your trade show booth is extremely important. Take the time to make sure you have all the right flags and advertising materials, but don’t think you can just kick back and relax once the trade show has begun. With these tips, you can keep things fresh and fun, and you can increase your chances of success at the same time.