As the summer is getting closer, we are all trying to lose some weight and get our summer bodies ready. One of the mistakes we are all making is that we are trying crash diets and we expect miracles to happen in just a few months. If you want to have that summer body all year round, you need to focus on your fitness and nutrition plan every day in the year.

Many people think that they need to spend a lot of money to get the right plan and that they have to follow it to the dot without any cheat days. That sounds like too much work and we all give up even before we start. The truth is, you can eat your favorite cake and you are allowed to have pizza, and still have that perfectly toned body. It is all about the quantity and it is all about your mindset. If you decide that you are going to have the right diet, you’ve already finished half of the job.

If you want to start something and be successful in it, you should not see it as torture and you should find something that works for you. That is why those generic diets don’t work for everyone in the long run. To help you achieve that, we made this guide on how to create your own fitness and nutrition plan. Check these tips out and see what you like and what you can incorporate into your daily life.

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1. Goals

Before you start, think about what do you want to achieve. Are you doing this because you want to lose some weight and be done with it or do you want to do this so you are healthy and happy?

There are a lot of things you can do to lose a few pounds, but you will gain them back really soon if you don’t change your whole lifestyle. This does not mean that you will never be able to eat that juicy burger again or that you will have to give up chocolate cake. It just means that you will have to find that balance between the guilty pleasures and overall health.

2. Meal Plan

Now is the time to sit down and think about the things you’ve been eating until now. How often do you eat? How much do you eat? Do you skip breakfast? Is there something you won’t ever give up?

Depending on these answers you need to make your meal plan. You already know that it is more about the quality and what you eat. There are many things, like the intermittent fasting that don’t limit your food choices. Try to find a balance and limit junk food. If you can’t do that right away, limit it. If you’ve been eating junk food every day, limit that to 2 times per week. In a In a month limit it to once per week and then to once every two weeks. You can also get help from where they provide nutritional supplements which can give you a hand achieving the fitness results you’re hoping to get.

If you don’t want to give up coffee with milk and sugar, you don’t have to. Just try to skip dessert every once in a while. And try to eat 4-5 times per day, smaller portions, instead of one huge one. You will notice the difference right away.

3. Get Moving

If you have a job where you are sitting most of the day, you don’t have to start working out right away. Give yourself and your body some time to adjust.

Try to stand up and move around every 15 to 30 minutes. You don’t have to take breaks, just go to your colleague’s desk, go to the bathroom to fix your makeup or find a different excuse to get up. You will notice that you will feel better and soon you will forget about the back pain with just moving around.

In the beginning, it is smart to follow the things you are doing. suggests you to start tracking your meal and fitness plan so you know how many calories you are putting in and how many of them you are losing every day.

4. Fitness Plan

Now it is time to make your fitness plan. First things first, start by looking at your options. Do you like the gym or would you prefer doing something different?

If you are not sure, then you can look around and take different classes until you find something that works for you. Choose something that won’t feel like you have to do it, but something that will put a smile on your face even though you are sweaty and exhausted.

Start working out once or twice per week, so you don’t feel pressured. There are plenty of workouts that are great for the body. It is on us to choose what is best for us. Running is always of course a good choice for toning, slimming, and weight loss. To know more about running variants and benefits visit After a while change that to three or four times per week. Don’t push yourself to work out every day and follow your body.

5. A choice, not a chore

This is the most important thing you need to remember. It is not about doing something you feel is a chore. If you pick foods that you don’t like or if you find types of exercises that won’t work on your mind or body you will give up soon.

The plan is to find something that you like to do and something you will continue to do to keep yourself healthy. There are too many diets that work in those two or three weeks. But they will drain all of your energy, they will forbid you from eating anything you enjoy and after those 14 or 21 days, you will just eat everything you’ve missed before.

There are a lot of different types of exercises, so find something you enjoy. It can be the gym, Pilates, aerobic, yoga, swimming or anything else. When you feel happy about doing something, you will continue to do it.

6. Find a buddy

All things are easier when you have someone to do them with. So, if you want to stay consistent with your plans, then maybe you need to find a friend to do them with. When you have a partner in crime you will have someone that will “drag” you to the gym when you are not feeling like working out and vice versa.

The only negative about this is that if your gym buddy decides to stop going or if your friend who wants to lose weight decide they like desserts more, you may be tempted to stop doing it as well. Find someone you know that won’t give up and find a person who likes to do these things for the right reasons – health.

And in case you cannot find someone who has the same goals, start doing these things on your own. You will see that it is not that scary, plus you will inspire people in the long run and they will be the ones who will join you.

Start with baby steps and don’t expect miracles. Once you start and you notice the difference in your whole body, mind, skin and hair you will realize that this is something you want to do forever. Give yourself a treat once in a while and always listen to your body.