Owning a home is not an easy task and it is the place from where your days begin and nights end. Taking proper care of it is your responsibility. But the house gets damaged from time to time due to the changes in weather, friction with furniture, and for so many reasons. Repairing your home is extremely important to maintain a happy and healthy atmosphere.

Home maintenance actually saves your money and increases the value of your house. Repairing your home from time to time will actually protect your home from serious damage. You can follow some steps to do it by yourself or you can actually call an advisor like https://saltlakecityhomerepair.com

So, here in this article, we are going to discuss some simple tricks for you to take proper care of your home:

  1. Replacing a better flushing new toilet is always a good idea, follow these steps:


  • Measure before buying a new toilet if it suits the size of your bathroom.
  • Use brass bolts instead of metal.
  • Cut down the old bolts
  • Mark down the old places of bolts, then remove them and lock down the new ones.
  • Fix the flanges
  • Eliminate rocking with shims
  • Don’t over tighten the water connections
  • At last, Cut the bolts
  1. Fill the nail holes with crayons and soap:


You can fix the nail hole on your wall by just using a wax crayon. Choose the color that perfectly matches the colour of the wall and then fill the hole with crayon. It’s just like coloring the walls.

You can also fill that annoying nail hole by rubbing soap in a counterclockwise direction. Use some luke warm water to clean up the residue of the soap.

  1. Use a potato to unscrew a broken bulb:

Unscrewing a broken bulb from its socket is a very pathetic and dangerous process.  you can use a potato to unscrew without harming your fingers.


  • Cut the potato into half
  • Gently press the soft side of the potato into the broken light bulb
  • Then turn it in the counter clockwise direction until you take out the bulb from the socket.
  • Make sure to turn off the switch and wear your protective gloves before attempting this hack.
  1. Take care of your garden and lawn:

Creating lush greenery is not a constant struggle. You just have to know what to give your lawn and when to give it. That’s it. Follow the steps for amazing results.


Use the vacuum cleaner to remove all the pebbles from the grass

Measure the dispersal pattern of the spreader, so that you can get an ideal amount of fertilizer.

Do not spill the fertilizer on the ground. Spilling or leaking of the product can make your grass damaged by saturating at a place.

Buy the chicken manure as it is rich in nitrogen, which is the most important ingredient for a better lawn.

Use soil activators to help in retaining the water in the sandy soils and loosen out the clay soils. It also helps in reducing soil erosion and it aerates the soils.

  1. Odour-free dishwasher:

Follow the steps to eliminate the dishwasher smells and get a fresh, clean dishwasher.


  • Clean the screen of your dishwasher which is present at the bottom.
  • Then cleanse the dishwasher sprayer arm ports by poking the food particles.
  • Use a cleaning or degreaser spray to clean the bottom edge and lip area. (check this list of kitchen degreasers)
  • Add some cleaner and run the machine once.
  1. Fix your carpet with ice:

If there are dents on your carpet, then place an ice cube on the damaged part of the carpet. Leave it for a while and let the ice melt.  After it gets dry completely, use a brush to fluff the area.


  1. Fix the clear screens with clear nail polishes:

If there are small and minor tears in a screen or glass, it can be quickly fixed by just a few drops of clear nail polish to it.


Hope you all find these home repair tips and hacks helpful. Make sure you check out all the hacks before you start repairing all the broken pieces of your house.