Millennials are more attracted to luxurious room designs than traditional ones. This is because luxurious designs look modern and minimalistic, and this is a very hot commodity in the 21st century.

Home renovations are mostly done to update on current décor for a more modernistic vibe. Elegance is the base of all floor plans, minimalism the base of the walls, and layered structuring for the furniture.

But all this sounds very expensive. After all, we’re talking about making your home look fancy. But this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are ways to design your rooms and still not break the 401(k).

So, having that in mind, here are our 7 room design ideas to make your home look luxurious.

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1. Layering & Lighting

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Every room in your home requires sufficient lighting. This is an important home décor factor that many people overlook. Insufficient lighting can harm you in many ways. No one wants to live in partial darkness, and it’s even worse for the eyes.

So, the first luxurious tip we could give you is to create a layered lighting concept that will provide a wide variety of light sources to the room.

Start by focusing on your main light, and then look to add more in the areas of the room where the main light starts to fade. As a cheaper alternative to this, lamp bases and lampshades will do perfectly well.

2. Textiles

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When it comes to modernizing your furniture, there isn’t a better way to do it than to update it with some sort of textile pattern.

This can also be quite cheap to do; all you have to do is find the right textile and the right person to buy it from. The best thing to do is look for discounts at your local fabric store.

Here, discounts upwards to 90% can be found on textile patterns that you can use for your furniture. Upholstery will be your best friend in this case. You need to find the perfect textile that looks luxurious and modernistic to revamp your entire furniture.

If you have a bigger budget, you could also throw in a couple of pillows to add to the approach.

3. Curtains to the Floor

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Big and large curtains are very important for privacy in your home. But, as you can imagine, curtains are also great for room designing.

Treating your windows to a couple of curtains can bring out the “wow” factor in your quest to bring luxury to your rooms. However, the golden rule of curtain shopping is to never buy curtains that are too short.

Why is that? You might ask. Well, experts say that short curtains look old and uninspiring. Long curtains, on the other hand, are very luxurious and every home needs them.

And don’t think that this will cost you a lot. Quite the contrary, curtains can be very cheap to find. An even cheaper alternative is to make one yourself using lightweight cotton fabric.

4. Chandeliers For Extra Flair

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If you’re looking to be original, there is no better way to do it than to hang a chandelier into your living room.

This is possible the best way to give your home the much-needed luxurious remake, and the best way to show off to your friends. We’ve all seen the movies, and we’ve always wanted to hang a chandelier in our living rooms.

Well, there hasn’t been a better time to do so, as chandeliers are very important when it comes to modernizing the home. As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the chandelier the more it will cost you.

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5. Large-Scale Art for the Walls

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Who doesn’t love art? But who doesn’t love large-scale art? When it comes to hanging art pieces on your walls, bigger is better.

An oversized painting can sometimes feel like overkill, but don’t hesitate to get one as it can be a source of inspiration for future decorations.

You could even organize all future decorations around it. But there isn’t a better way to spark a conversation than to have your guests look at a giant art piece that will also spark feelings of luxury.

What’s even more important is that a large-scale art piece greatly adds to your home’s value. It might not be a permanent thing, but it brings out feelings to potential home buyers that they cannot resist.

6. Large Rugs

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Yet another great way to make your home feel luxurious, and one that is very cheap, is to use a large rug in your living room.

It goes without saying that smaller rugs make things much smaller. It makes your entire room feel much smaller, and you and your guests will definitely feel that.

Having a luxury home means having a big one, and there is no better way to create an illusion that to roll out a large rug in your living room.

7. Repaint the Walls

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This one can be very controversial, as repainting walls has been a thing ever since we could decorate homes.

But why does this make it controversial? Well, it is controversial because it’s very easy to think of. We usually repaint the walls every five to ten years.

If you didn’t know, the paint from our walls tends to worsen every year. This could be due to a number of factors, but the fact still remains that repainting is an absolute necessity.

But here is where you can claim a victory. When the time for a new coat of paint is needed, take the opportunity to make something luxurious.

Repainting has the potential of drastically changing how your rooms look and feel. So, you need to find a coat that will be luxurious and will feel the same way.

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Luckily for you, we have just the color. Tonal whites are perfect for making your space look bigger and brighter. But those aren’t all of your options.

Green has become a surprise to everyone. So choosing a warm and welcoming shade of green can also make things luxurious. Blue shades are always an option, while browns are braver than the rest. Orange shades are best for stimulating the senses, while greys for a romantic feel.