When you think about an RV trip, it does not sound so difficult and complicated. You will not have to bring every single thing in order to have a good time, however, there are some things that are absolutely necessary to have. Things that will ensure comfort, safety, and, of course, fun. Here is a list of 7 things that you need in your RV:


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1. An extra power cord

Most RVs already have a 25-foot power cord and usually, that is quite enough. But what about the situations when it is not enough? There is no standard distance between the parking spot and the electrical outlet on the campground, so in order to make sure that you will have electricity, it is best to have that extra cord. So, in order to avoid not being able to use the electrical outlet, make sure that you bring an extra cord. You can find various cords of various lengths at a camping supply store.


2. A generator

While most RV vehicles come with an onboard generator, some might not be equipped with a portable power source. In fact, most new RVs do not include a generator, so you might need to purchase a new one. In order to make the right choice, you should consider your power needs, noise level, and the size in order to get the best RV generator available.


3. A portable grill

When it comes to camping one of the most fun parts of it is cooking outside. Some people love building a fire and cooking their foods in that way, however, for those who consider fire building a difficult and time-consuming task, the best option is to buy a portable grill. It will allow you to cook outside without the mess you might make inside and you will be able to avoid building a large fire. There is a wide range of portable grills. Whether you like the propane grill, or the classic charcoal grill, whatever you choose will make cooking outside more pleasant.


4. A surge protector

So, you have arrived at the camping ground, plug your electrical cord and you are good to go. You might think this is the case, but in order to protect your RV electrical system and appliances that you might have, you will need a surge protector. This device does come with a high price, but once you think about the prices of a new microwave, fridge, and AC that might be damaged, you will realize that buying this is not a big deal.


5. Folding chairs

One of the best things about taking RV trips is the chance to experience the incredible nature. However, that does not mean that you should be uncomfortable while enjoying nature. Folding camp chairs come in all sizes, styles, and shapes, so in order to ensure that you will be comfortable, you could buy two or more folding chairs.


6. Maps and GPS

No one likes to get lost, especially not in the great wilderness. Of course, you could spend hours driving around in circles looking for the camping site. However, by bringing some maps or a GPS system, instead of driving around in circles for hours, you could use those hours to enjoy nature instead of driving around. You could use the traditional, paper maps, an online map, or a GPS system to ensure that you will not waste any time and not get lost.


7. First aid kit

It is better to be prepared for an accident. So, by keeping a first aid kit in your RV, it is the easiest way to make sure that even if something happens, you will be prepared for an emergency like a cut or a burn. You can purchase first aid kits at camping stores or on Amazon or Walmart.



By getting the items from this list, you can be sure that your trip will be safe, comfortable, and fun.

Let’s not forget one of the most vital elements, and that’s insurance for your RV. The last thing you want to happen is for your trip to be cut short because you don’t have the right cover should something unexpected happen. According to Frank Pickles Insurance choosing the wrong insurance coverage could cost you some in some cases the same amount as your trip! So it’s vital you make sure you have the correct level of cover.