Having a PC case with a bad airflow design won’t protect the internal components from heating up, might even trigger a lower performance, and can affect their lifespan. PC cases come with different designs, but not all of them have good airflow. In fact, most models look attractive, but have not much to offer in the performance aspect.

On the other hand, a unit with good airflow should also come with plenty of space, mesh front panel for maximum air intake, and feature sufficient case fan mount points at top and rear for exhaust. The best airflow models should come with high airflow fans or extra vents at the rear or top for better air circulation.

So, if you’re looking for superb performance, you shouldn’t be concerned about looks, but think only about the airflow feature. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we’ve come up with the best models on the market which offer good airflow, excellent ventilation and maximum cooling performance to the internal components. What’s more, they are suitable for working, gaming, and high-performance computers.

1. ThermalTake View 71 2020


ThermalTake have released some great products over the years, as well as, some not so great ones. When it comes to their PC cases, the company is praised for having some of the best models available. The ThermalTake View 71 has pushed some boundaries and has an excellent built. It comes with exceptional thermal performance thanks to the 8 standard PCI-E slots and two more for vertical GPU mounting.


Additionally, there is a dust filter on the sides and triple fan radiators on the front and on the top. The top and front of ThermalTake View 71 are covered in glass, while the sides have thick glass panels and can be easily removed. There are also two 140mm ThermalTake Riing fans in blue. This solidly built unit has only one downside and that’s the weight. It weighs 42 pounds without any hardware installed in it due to the thick tempered glass panels.

2. Corsair Carbide Air 740


The Carbide Air 740 is one of the best cases offered by Corsair, which has released a couple of amazing cases throughout the years. It is the perfect model if you’re looking for clean building experience and maximum airflow. Besides the stock configuration, the Corsair Carbide Air 740 offers the best possible cooling and build quality.


Moreover, the unit is spacious so you can build all sorts of experimentation inside it. It is a great value for money and very easy to build it. However, it’s worth mentioning that the Corsair Carbide Air 740 comes with some setbacks. Hence, it lacks a bottom air filter, the right-side panel is not very solid, and the unit is a bit noisy.

3. Cooler Master H500M

Cooler Master H500M


This model is actually an update of the airflow oriented H500P, which has a few design flaws that needed to be improved. So, the H500M changed all things necessary to make this model better. As a result, we now have a superb unit with excellent build quality, great thermal and acoustic performance, and a good RGB controller for the fans.

Likewise, the Cooler Master H500M comes with a USB 3.1 Type C Gen2 front panel header, dual 200mm intake fans for the best airflow and stunning lighting features. It is an easy model to build in and great for airflow oriented or liquid-cooled builds. You might be surprised, but this model has no downsides at all.

4. Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 Pro Rev2


If you’re looking for fan offerings, power supply, and coolers, you should definitely take a look at the products by Be Quiet!. It was only two years ago when the company launched the flagship case called the Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 Pro. Then, they refreshed it and came up with the Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 Pro Rev2.


The model is one of the best ones you can find available as it comes with great build quality, a Qi Charging feature and a power supply shroud. It also comes with noise dampening foam and modular option. Thus, it is great for both water cooling and liquid cooling. Nevertheless, it’s price might not be suitable for everyone as it seems to be a bit on the higher end.

5. Rosewill Gaming Challenger S


The Rosewill Challenger S is a great value for money model. Don’t let the cheap price fool you, as you get a good quality case with great compatibility and space. It comes with 2x 5.25″ ODD bays and 3x 3.5″ HDD bays that are tool-free, as well as, ventilation on the side panel through honeycomb mesh where you can install 2x 120mm fans for more airflow.


Likewise, this unit also features 2x 120mm pre-installed BLUE LED fans at the front and 1x 120mm pre-installed Non-LED fan at the rear. Thus, this model is an excellent pick for people who live in hot areas as it won’t let the internal components heat up. The front and top have dust filters and the unit has great cable management. The only setback might be the lack of dust filters at the bottom and side panel, which doesn’t provide enough resistance against dust.

6. DeepCool TX Mid Tower TESSERACT SW


DeepCool is a good model for people who are on a budget and want to get more for their price limit. So, this is a great quality case made of SPCC and plastic and supports all form factor motherboards and basic components. The DeepCool TX Mid Tower TESSERACT SW supports storage devices and features 7 drive bays for installing up to 4 HDD’s or 3 SSD’s. Although you can install 2 Fan graphic cards, it might not support very long graphics cards.


Moreover, this unit has good cable management and features a meshed front panel with good ventilation from top to bottom and comes with pre-installed 120mm BLUE LED fan for intake. There is also one more Blue LED fan for exhaust at the rear. This model also features two more slots for installing 2x 120mm fans and its fans can be seen through the transparent side panel.

7. Lian Li PC-O11 Air


Lian Li is a well-known brand which has released some of the best PC cases ever and their products are expected to become even better. The Lian Li PC-O11 Air is an airflow oriented version of the Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic. It offers a great cooling solution, both air and liquid cooling, and there is plenty of space for fans and radiators. Its chambered design offers the use of dual power supplies.

Lian Li PC-O11 Air


The Lian Li PC-O11 Air is made of solid materials, it’s simple and easy to use, and looks very attractive. So, it offers some excellent set of features and comes with no downsides at all. It is an excellent model which won’t disappoint you at all.

8. Fractal Design Meshify C TG


Last but not least, this is a model which you can purchase for a very low price. It is one of the best mid-tower cases you can find and offers every feature you might need. It is a taller model which can take AIO coolers, custom liquid loops and long graphics cards. It can be found in 5 versions and its design will amaze you.


Additionally, it comes with full-length PSU shroud, great cable managements thanks to the 2 big routing holes with rubber grommets and an angular design at the front panel. You will also love the dust filters at the front, top and bottom. What’s probably best about this model is that you can install up to 3x 120mm/2x 140mm fans at the front, 2x 120mm/140mm fans at the top, a 1x 120mm fan at the bottom and 1x 120mm fan at the rear.

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