The basic purpose of a PC case is to hold all of the components of a computer safe. All parts of the PC are sensitive, and they require a proper space to keep them secure and more durable. According to that, besides choosing the right motherboard, CPU, RAM, and other components, choosing the decent PC case is also very important. Most of the people look for the design and color while buying the PC case, but there are some other features that you should pay attention to while getting one.

If you are looking for a portable case, you should choose the one with a handle. Also, the case has to be made of light materials, because then it will be easier for you to carry it around. When it comes to design, there is a lot of different cases on the market, so you can always find the one for your taste. In this article, we are going to present to you some of the best and most popular portable PC cases on the market in 2019.

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1. NZXT H700i

The NXZT700i is a Mid-tower from 2017, it supports Mini-ITX, MicroATX and EATX motherboards. The dimensions of this case are 230 x 516 x 494 millimeters. The weight is 12.27 kilograms. There is the radiator support of 2 x 140 millimeters on the front, and three push and pull radiators of 120 millimeters. Also, there are 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.1 ports, and port for audio and mic connection.

Whit this case, it is easy to build your configuration. It represents a Smart case which also serves as a digital fan controller. Also, you can control the RGB LED and the speed of coolers, so you can make perfect stability of noise and cooling. The H700i has four coolers and two RGB layers. Also, the design is very attractive so it will lure gamers to choose this one for their set-ups. The cost of this portable PC case is 215 dollars.

2. Nanoxia Deep Silence 3

The best feature that Nanoxia has is its quietness. This Mid-tower case supports motherboards like ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. The dimensions are 456 x 207 x 520 millimeters. It has 2 USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.1, and an Audio/Mic port. There is a lot of space in this case so you can easily fit all of the components and upgrades. For example, you could fit in five hard drives or the biggest graphics card.

The only downside of this case is the design because it looks very simple and it is not attractive like most of the PC cases today. However, the silence that you will get along with space is great compensation for minimalistic and basic appearance. The price of Deep Silence 3 is around 150 dollars.

3. Corsair Obsidian 1000D

The Corsair Obsidian 1000D is a Super tower which supports most of the motherboards on the market, all from ATX, over SSI EEB, to the microATX. The dimensions are 27.4 x 12.1 x 27.3 inches. The weight is 29.5 kilograms. It supports radiators from 120mm up to 480mm. It has four USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 3.1 ports.

This PC case is heavy and represents one of the best cases on the market. It has a lot of space. You could fit in two motherboards for the highest possible performances. The design is futuristic, there are a smart lighting system and fan control. Also, the price is staggering, the cost of this PC case is around 600 dollars.

4. Dark Base Pro 900

The Dark Base Pro 900 is a Full tower that supports motherboards like E-ATX, XL-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, and a Mini-ATX. The dimensions are 588 x 243 x 586 millimeters. The weight of this case is 14.39 kilograms. It supports a wide range of radiators, from 120mm up to the size of 420mm. There are two ports for USB 3.0 and one for the 3.1 Gen Type C USB port. Also, on the front side, you can connect the headphones and the microphone.

This case is silent, there is a wireless Qi charger, and it has extensive cooling support. The design is attractive and minimalistic, and you will have enough space to fit all the needed parts to make a proper gaming PC. This is one of the mid-range cases when it comes to the quality over price, and the cost of Dark Base Pro 900 is around 250 dollars.

5. SilverStone ML08

The ML08 from SilverStone represent what portable PC case really should be, a lightweight box that can fit all of the newest components in it and make it a high-performance PC. The weight of this case is just 3.5 kilograms. It supports Mini-ITX and SFX motherboards. You can place it vertically or horizontal. Also, there is a carrying handle, which should be a part of every case.

On the front side of this PC case, there is the ON/OFF button, two USB 3.0 ports, and the audio connector. The backside is made in order to make it easier to fit in the motherboard. Also, there are two slots for expansions on the backside of SilverStone. The price is 115 dollars.

6. Cooler Master HAF XB EVO 2023

The HAF XB EVO from Cooler Master is on the market for more than six years, but still, it is one of the best portable PC cases. On the front side, there are tw0 240mm radiators that help with cooling. You can upgrade the CPU with up to 180mm in size and a high-end graphics card. This PC case supports up to four hard drives. You can easily change all of the components.

When it comes to connectivity, there are two USB 3.0 ports and a fast plug and play port. The material is of high-quality metals, so your PC and parts in it will always be safe and secure. The price of this portable PC case is around 160 dollars.

7. Corsair Graphite Series 380t-mini-ITX case

If you want some case that is easy to carry around but still could fit in the components to make it a computer with high performances, then this one from Corsair might be the best choice. The dimensions of front fans are 200mm and it is preinstalled. This case is very flexible and you can easily upgrade it or change any of the hardware.

The Graphite represents one of the smallest cases on the market. However, it has enough space to fit any part, like the graphics card or the hard drive. The case comes with handles and has a unique style. The only downside might be the price, which is around 100 dollars.

8. In Win D-Frame Mini Open Frame Chassis

The best feature of In Win is the amazing futuristic design of this case. Also, that design enables this case to have great cooling because it is slightly open on every side. Furthermore, there are tempered glass panels that serve as protection. The case is made from aluminum, so it is very light.

When it comes to cooling, you can fit in a water cooler up to the size of 240 millimeters. Also, there is enough space for any graphics card up to 340 millimeters. It supports the ATX motherboard. The price of this portable PC case is around 150 dollars.