Moving to a different location can be very stressful and overwhelming. Once you have picked a location and set the date, you will need to pack up your whole life and move it to a different location.

This can be a handful since everything needs to be packed, labeled and shipped to the location, and once it arrives, you will need to unpack the essentials in order to spend the first day in your new home. With a few tips listed below, you will be able to go through this as painlessly as possible.

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Once you have decided to move and change the residence, you will need to pick a location. This refers both to picking a new town or moving to the other part of the city you are already living in. Depending on the reason for the move, it is good to pick a location in accordance with it.

It can be closer to working place or moving to a quieter part of the city if you are moving with a family or being retired.  Picking and checking out a location is a very important thing to do, so you can accommodate your new place with the obligations you have during the day.

Notify your friends and family

Moving can be hard on the mind, and be very emotional, no matter the age you are. If there are kids involved it can be even more heartbreaking. Due to this, it is good to give yourself and other parts of your family to say goodbye, especially if you are moving to a different town or state.

Moreover, your friends and family members can assist you in packing and sorting practical issues, especially if you have some pieces of clothes, furniture or similar that you would like to give away, they may be the ones to take them for themselves or even give them to charity in order to get them out of your hands.

Hire professional help if needed

When you start to plan your move, check out if there is a service that can help you with this. In some cases where you have a lot of stuff to carry, it might be smarter to hire professional assistance who will come with a truck and pack all your things in it, making sure that you don’t have to go back and forward.

This can be especially convenient if you are moving to a different town, and less expensive than you going back and forward and moving piece by piece, especially if you have big parts of the furniture to move.

You can check out Complete Removals if you have decided to go stress-free and hire help. They will assist you with movement, rent you trucks needed to pack all the stuff and make sure it all goes smoothly.

Plan your budget

Some stuff is better to get new, then to carry them from old to a new apartment. This can be a trap and extort more money than you have planned to spend, so be very selective in what you will take with you, and what will you buy.

For example, a shower curtain is something you can get when you get to your new apartment, but nightstands that can be pricey should go with you. Also, make sure that the moving company you have chosen fits into the budget. Some hidden costs can include eating out since there can be some time for the kitchen to be set.

Another part that needs to be added to your budget planning is related to the bills that you will have in your new home. Have this in mind when putting everything down on the paper. As suggested by Absolute Tiny Houses, if you opt for a huge house or apartment that offers an abundance of space, this might be a great choice to start with, but, with an increase of the bills, you might eventually see it as a mistake and you realize that you should have opted for a something smaller.


When it comes to packing, it is good to make a plan for packing and label everything. By labeling boxes, you will be able to find everything you need faster and set up the new place faster. Our advice is to pack the boxes and leave them in the rooms to which they belong, when putting them into the truck, pack them in bunches, so you can see the kitchen boxes all in one spot.

This will help you when unloading the truck, to put everything into the desired room, and just unpack the boxes. When packing fragile objects, make sure to label the box fragile, so extra attention can be paid while being transported.

A good strategy for packing is to go room by room and do the bedrooms first, and leave the rooms you are using most frequently for the end. It is also good to pack as much as you can, and then move around the boxes for a few days, making sure you have everything you want packed.


Once all your stuff is packed and put into the truck, take one more look around the house to check if you have forgotten something and be on your way to your new home. Once you have arrived at the location, pout the boxes into the desired rooms, and start slowly to unpack.

Bedroom and bathrooms should be the first on the list since you will use them frequently. After that, the kitchen can be unpacked, and again, only the essentials if you would like to use it. You can always eat out if you would like to unpack in a different order and finish the roomes before going with the kitchen. The living room can be the last one since you will have so much work, that it will probably take a few days to have time to sit and relax in the living room.


Moving can be very stressful and overwhelming but it represents a change, and it should be accepted as a good one. You have a chance to make a new place in your home and enjoy the exploration of the new neighborhood. There are services that can assist you with this, so do not be shy to call them up and ask for their services to make this transition as smooth as possible. By packing smartly and labeling everything, there should not be some major issues in unpacking later on, once you are in the new apartment.