The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 210 countries and territories have changed the entire world. The affiliate marketing sector has also been deeply affected by this pandemic.. Most e-commerce sites, publishers, and advertisers are now struggling to fight this new challenge.

This new era of lockdown and social distancing has forced millions of people to stay at home and contain the virus. With vaccines still months away, and no signs of returning back to normal anytime soon, the world of affiliate marketing is now floating on new uncertainty.

Because of this horrific pandemic, customers’ responses changed significantly in the last four months. A recent study by Forbes shows that industries like medical supplies, food supplies, and streaming entertainment are now booming while other industries are facing some real-time threats to survival.

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Market Conditions in Pandemic: Niches to Focus ON

You may have a well-established affiliate business that generated handsome income over the years. However, as the coronavirus strikes, your income flow drains low to nowhere. It’s no surprise that  the market requires some time to establish itself to its previous conditions.

E-commerce Market giant Amazon has already slashed its associate commission rates to some niches. The overall business crunch is also difficult to digest for other e-commerce sites. In this horrendous market situation, some niches came to the spotlight because of staggering turnover.

Niches like health and households, medical emergencies, and food supply are now hitting the top of customer demands. Products like hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, toilet tissues, soaps, and disinfectant spray are now skimming most profits in the affiliate market.

Other than that, medical products like thermometers, N95 masks, hand gloves and goggles became the new market sensation. If you want to rise to success from ashes, then you need to rethink these new market demands. These short term bursts can bring enough changes to your business.

Affiliate Success with Amazing Selling Machine

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Best Uses of Affiliate Tools

To survive well in the COVID-19 pandemic, you must keep track of the current market situation. The best uses of affiliate tools can help you track trending market conditions. Some of the popular affiliate tools include-

  1. SEMrush

It is an SEO tool for keyword research, backlink scopes, and an SEO audit of your blog.

  1. Ahref

This also explores competitors, backlinks, keyword research, and audits entire websites.

  1. Get Response

It is an email marketing platform to create targeted customer lists and build a sales funnel.

  1. KWFinder

This is the best tool to find long-tail keywords that have low competition and high search volume.

  1. Elementor

One of the best drag and drop page builders in WordPress. This offers multiple layouts and themes for affiliate product reviews.

  1. PowerAdSpy

This is an online Facebook ads tool that can locate best advertisements on its platform.

  1. Voluum

This is one of the best platforms to track and monitor online campaigns. You can check the performance of advertisers and marketers in a growing market.

You can find more tools like Asana, Yoast SEO, Sendfox, and many more. Proper usages of these tools can help you survive in these precarious market conditions.

How Advertisers Should Respond to Pandemic?

Advertisers need to act smartly to run affiliate business successfully. They should be proactive and ask publishers for recommendations to step forward with shoppers. Other than that, creative content with awareness issues like social distancing or health guidelines can be effective.

For instance, a soap company or hand sanitizer can emphasize more on virus killing rather than germ eliminations. Furthermore, they should include health guidelines of coronavirus like washing hands for at least 20 seconds or more.

Because of the global health crisis, advertisers should also plan new promotional offers to sustain the business. A creative commission structure for affiliate channels can tempt more people to engage in that product.

Pandemic Strategies For Publishers

To revive commissions in the midst of a pandemic crisis, publishers must get more strategic to  generate profits. Let’s find some of the strategies for publishers to follow:

  1. Promote Value with Awareness

Just like advertisers, publishers also need to express the awareness issue with their product value. Being a publisher, you must understand the importance of awareness in consumer psychology.

Let’s say you are publishing kitchen appliance products. Now express the importance of steamers to kill viruses and how it makes your food safe for eating. Then you can add other promotional offers of a steamer. That is a smart way of marketing in a pandemic crisis.

  1. Creative

Make the punchline bold and eye-catchy for consumers. You must continue to educate your consumers about the value of your product and why they must buy it even in a lockdown. Other than that, you should promote cashback offers, discount offers, and warranty policies.

  1. Reorganize contents

It’s time to restructure your homepage contents, media placements, and email offers to capture consumers’ attention in the midst of this changing market. Integrate common COVID health guidelines while you are operating your business.

  1. Communication is the key

Even if the sales volume drops beyond your expectation, keep communicating with consumers. Try social media platforms, email, mobile phones, etc. and drive the message that you care about your consumers. Aside from earning their business, you are ready to support them through these tough times.

  1. Focus on Market Trend

Keep an eye on the overall market trend. You should find out what other publishers are doing to save their business. Try to communicate with other publishers and advertisers and have some discussions on market trends and consumer behaviors.

Final Verdict

Working remotely or working from home works very well for us invested in affiliate marketing. Time to adapt to these unprecedented market conditions is now. Get the right tools and recalibrate your strategy to continue to earn your profits. If you can plan it well, who knows this may even be your chance to topple some strong competitors in business.