Ché Wolton Grant, or AJ Tracey, is an English rapper, record producer, and grime MC. He was born on March 4, 1994, in Ladbroke Grove, West London. The 23-year-old broke into the music scene with his debut mixtape, Didn’t Make the Cut in 2012. Here is everything you need to know about his life story and net worth.

AJ Tracy’s Life Story

AJ Tracey is the only child of a former musician, who used to create hip-hop and rap compositions, and his mother was a DJ. He was inspired by his parents and started writing his own rhymes at the age of six. He knew from his young age that he wants to be in the music business. So, it was in 2010 when he first uploaded his music creations online. It was during the same time that he appeared on various radio stations, including BBC Radio One, Rinse.DM, and NTS.

His debut mixtape, Didn’t Make the Cub, was released in 2012. The mixtape was initially titled Scirocco Music and came with more than twenty grime and hip-hop songs. Each one of the songs was available for digital download. Then, in 2014, he uploaded his second tape No More Looney online, which brought him success and racked up thousands of streams.

In 2015, he released his debut EP, The Front, which came with six tracks. It was produced by Lolingo, J Beatz, and Drone. Just several months later, he released his second EP dubbed, Alex Moran. This project consisted of five cuts and featured amazing guests, such as MCs Big Zuu, Merky ACE, Jammz, and Saint P.

Ever since then, AJ Tracy has released three albums and five EP, which includes many successful tracks, such as Blacked Out, Quarterback, and You Don’t Know Me.

Besides being a solo artist, he has also made several guest appearances in albums, including Right & Wrong, Str8 Authentic, First Day at Nursery, and New Gen. Last but not least, he has collaborated with Rick Ross, Lil B, ASAP Rocky, and Denzel Curry.

AJ Tracy’s Net Worth

Even though not much is known about his money and income, it is estimated that his net worth stands at $2 Million.