Bitcoin gained a lot of popularity in 2017 and slowly faded from the limelight. In the future, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will become a norm, and investing in them will gain popularity. Bitcoin is just like a bank, but a bank charges you for taking care of your money.

Whereas, in Bitcoin, you can be the owner of your bank. The ownership also makes you responsible for taking care of the security of your assets. Register yourself at to dive into the world of bitcoins. You can learn the basics of this cryptocurrency and even earn a tremendous amount of money by trading and by investing a minimum amount of USD 250. It is now time to try your luck and get the best experience.

First, let us understand a few terminologies related to bitcoin. Just like a unique bank account number, you have your unique public key for bitcoins. Similarly, like you have a password or PIN for your bank account, you have a private key in bitcoin. Then there is a wallet that acts like a bank account and stores these keys. With keys, you can access your bitcoins. Whenever you lose any of the keys, it becomes impossible to retrieve them. Therefore, if you lose your keys, you lose access to your wallet and, eventually, else your bitcoins.

However, you can back up your wallet in several ways. Let us have a glance at a few of these ways below:

1. Seed Phrase: Bitcoin has two types of wallets, a software wallet, and a hardware wallet. A software wallet, as the name suggests, is a wallet that you can download on your device – Laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There is a version available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. On the other hand, a hardware wallet is a USB drive where you can store your keys. You will get a lot of wallet software that includes a seed phrase, which is a recovery process. You must note this phrase down somewhere to retrieve it later. This phrase generally is a collection of random words. However, this phrase is essential in retrieving your wallet if you lose your key.

2. Text File: With functions like export keys and backup wallets, you can transfer your keys that your device saves in your software wallet. While pursuing this, you will come across a file named JSON or CSV; you have to choose a drive where you wish to save it. Once you send it to a disc and click on save, you will be able to keep it in a text format. Now to make sure that nobody has access to this file (as it contains all the details of your coins), you can transfer this text file to a pen drive or any other device. I will recommend you to disconnect the internet from your computer before backing up your data.

3. Copy wallet.dat files: Every time you store a software wallet in your PC or any other device, it stores the keys in another location. Sometimes, your device stores these keys in a hidden area, so make sure that the hidden files are visible. Please go through the documentation to find the file and save it securely in some hardware device.

4. Paper Copy: It is one of the primary and old school ways of saving your keys. Just take a print out of the file that contains the keys. By printing it out, you will have a physical copy of your keys, and you can hide it somewhere safe. Later on, you can manually add the keys while logging in to your bitcoin wallet. Make sure that your device is disconnected from the internet while you are taking a print out.

5. BIP 32: This method of bitcoin wallet backup determines critical pairs from a single seed. The seed then generates a master key, which you can transfer to any BIP 32 wallet. You can copy this master key in the form of a text file and store it securely in a hard drive or any other device. You can also create a QR code where you can take a print out of your keys. Also, you need to switch off the internet while doing this.

How can I restore my Bitcoin Wallet?

Once you can back up your bitcoin wallet, you can restore it with a few simple steps. If your wallet software contains a seed phrase option, click on the restoring option in the drop-down menu, and follow the instructions. The option allows you to restore your wallet even if you lose your device or it gets stolen. By downloading the wallet software on your new equipment, you can restore it with the help of a seed phrase.

Another way of restoring your wallet is by wallet.dat file. We have already read about its importance in backing up your wallet, but it is also essential in restoring the bitcoin wallet. If you have created a backup file for your bitcoin wallet, use it to replace the default file. You will now be able to restore your bitcoin wallet after you follow the step correctly.

Cryptocurrencies have a very bright future when it comes to trading, and by maintaining a proper bitcoin account now, you can guarantee yourself a substantial profit in the coming years. For more details, visit website, where you can learn about the offerings that Bitcoin has in its kitty. The site also tells you about the basics of trading, and it will guide you through all the steps that you will require to earn a monthly return.

In conclusion, bitcoin is a form of digital currency, and you must take proper care in terms of its privacy. As you can have all of its access to your mobile device, you and only you are responsible for its security. It would be best if you kept your keys intact; this way, you will not lose your precious bitcoins. Without backup, it is of no use. You can give the keys access and details to the people you trust.