The bathroom is one of the longest-lived rooms in the home. As a rule, bathrooms last from 10 to 15 years and are mostly smaller rooms. Aware that home budgets are very tight and that expanding the bathroom and major interventions are out of the question, we bring you suggestions and ideas on how to make outdated bathrooms again intimate oases that will act relaxing.

Here are some of the best bathroom upgrade ideas in 2024.

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Upgrading Your Bathroom

The bathroom has long been more than just a place to start and end the day brushing your teeth and washing. It represents a new experience of enjoyment today. This is possible because there are numerous materials and ideas for change, for the complete or partial renovation of the bathroom. It all depends on what you want and how much money you have available. Even from a small space, smart interventions can do wonders. Below we will teach you how.

Bathroom Renovation – How To Start?

Whether your bathroom is old and dilapidated from heavy use, or you just don’t like the layout and style of decoration – the decoration needs to follow a certain course. First, figure out exactly what you want to have in the bathroom from sanitary ware and furniture. What style do you prefer? Is it something simple and airy? Or you want it to be vintage, shabby, or natural? When you decide about the style – then draw a floor plan and make a wish list. Cut out inspirational photos from the magazines, find the best materials – and look forward to the project.

Partial Bathroom Upgrade

If your budget does not allow you significant interventions in the renovation, we suggest that you make a partial upgrade of the bathroom. By this, we mean refreshing the walls, either by re-treating the surfaces or with beautiful colors. You can also line the visible installations and repair the shower or bathtub.

Adaptation Of A Small Bathroom

By renovating, a small bathroom can become a very comfortable room. It is small if it is between 5 and 15 square meters. This means that every available centimeter should be used in it to be useful and functional. But not all small bathrooms have the same function. Those that contain only a toilet bowl and sink are mainly intended for guests and their basic needs.

Users of the apartment or house most often use bathrooms that have a toilet and sink – and a shower or bathtub. Such a bathroom is fully functional and can meet the needs of the household. Since it is difficult to set up a separate shower and bathtub in a small bathroom, they are usually made as a whole.

Bathroom Upgrade Ideas And Styles

New, contemporary styles of decoration impose simplicity and ease of work. The result of the renovation should be such that all users enjoy it. The rules are familiar and we summarize them in the end – mild and moderate color tones, beautiful and simple lines of bathroom elements, pleasant lighting, modern design, natural, supple materials, and tasteful details. Here are some of the styles you might find interesting for a new upgraded look of your bathroom.

Modern Style

New styles in interior design and design are imposed by the increasingly popular large and spacious bathrooms. Besides classic sanitary ware – these bathrooms also contain furniture, textiles, and high technology. In the bathrooms or their immediate vicinity, you can find more private spaces – such as a fenced part for changing wardrobe, or a special part for makeup.

The secret of a super decorated bathroom is in small luxurious details, such as built-in high-tech solutions – or the pure aesthetics of carefully selected and expensive decorative detail. Underfloor heating is often introduced in large bathrooms, as well as small, built-in refrigerators. Do you find it unsuitable for bathrooms? Well, designers think that nail polishes, certain medications, but also increasingly sought-after organic cosmetics should be kept in such small refrigerators.

Eco Style And Smart Bathroom Solutions

Raising environmental awareness has also popularized smart solutions in bathroom design. Water-saving double-flush toilets have replaced old-fashioned cisterns. The latest trend is recycling shower water. Therefore, it is not surprising that suction cups are used more and more often. They are used to collect all large impurities so that the rest of the water can be successfully recycled.

In addition to this purpose, suction cups prevent any kind of congestion, fat accumulation, and the like. More about the purpose and importance of suction cups, you can see on this website. The sanitary ware has an astonishing design. Classic washbasins have been replaced by unusual ones – in addition to the already popular straight, simple lines of square washbasins, there are also asymmetrical, curved, flat, corrugated, or colored washbasins.

Wellness Style

The design, inspired by treatment and relaxation centers, the so-called spa centers, exudes luxury, tidiness, top functionality, and top aesthetics. The idea is to surround yourself with nature! When you transfer this idea into your bathroom renovation, the choice of natural materials and tiles in the textures of natural materials and soothing, earthy tones will help you. Stone and wood blend well, and you will make the best impression with bamboo tiles.

It is also the latest trend in a design inspired by traditional Japanese illustrations. The large space available in the toilet area also imposes the option of a personal wellness oasis. The possibilities of landscaping are numerous. We suggest that you invest in a good bath or shower – the main parts of the bathroom responsible for your relaxation. Today, the most sought after are large, walk-in showers, with built-in massagers, steam, temperature control – and an audio system. Classic hot tubs, jacuzzis, are still a favorite.

Vintage Style

Fans of traditional styles in the modern age often opt for a vintage style in the spirit of the Victorian era. If you also like a bathroom decorated in such a way, pay attention to the choice of materials – and avoid plastic, to maintain authenticity.

Here, too, the details are important – so look for antique faucets and handles on the cabinets, large mirrors with impressive frames, etc. Also, decorating in this style prefers large, freestanding bathtubs, located in the middle of the bathroom. The colors in the vintage style are dominated by white, beige, gray, dark blue, and gold, while the common choice and wallpaper are interspersed with ornaments.