We all love to travel, whether it’s business or pleasure. Still, we very skillfully waste a lot of time choosing a bus or car as a means of transportation. Although it has certain advantages – you can take a break whenever you want, stop to see the natural beauties you noticed along the way, on the other hand, you will shorten your stay at the final destination, and you are likely to be tired and exhausted when you arrive.

This means only one thing – your intention to save time and money was in vain. Therefore, more and more people are choosing to rent a private jet, because, judging by the prices, what was once considered a luxury, is now available to almost everyone.

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1. What are the advantages of private jets?

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Passengers traveling by private jets are spared waiting and crowds at the airport because these planes are allowed to fly from smaller, regional airports just to avoid crowds. On icarusjet.com you can find out more. You will also not waste time finding a parking space for your vehicle that took you to the airport, as your service provider offers transportation directly to the jet.

2. Why is it better to fly a private than a commercial plane?

Did you know that passengers who choose private jets are 30 times less exposed to infections than passengers who choose a commercial flight? This is one of the biggest advantages, especially now that there is a COVID-19 pandemic around the world. Due to the privilege of using private terminals, passengers who choose to travel by private jet will also avoid the crowds. The smaller the number of passengers and crew, the less likely it is that any infection will spread.

3. It is affordable for anyone

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Once a luxury, today a part of everyday life. In recent years, the price of a ticket with a private jet has almost equaled the price of a ticket in business class. Namely, the price has dropped by 30-50%, which makes it very accessible to a large number of citizens who like to travel economically but luxuriously.

When it comes to price, it’s hard to say exactly how much it costs to rent a jet, but let’s put it this way – renting a medium jet that accommodates 10 passengers is about $ 10,000. Yes, it sounds like a lot of money. But if you divide that figure by 10, the cost to an individual is $ 1,000, which is more than acceptable, and incomparable to other modes of transportation.

4. It is enough to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before the flight

Is there anything worse than knowing that you have to show up at the airport at least 90 minutes before the flight? Traveling by private jet will save you time because it is enough to show up only 15 minutes before the flight. This time will be enough to complete the travel procedures (immigration, customs, boarding).
What is especially good when talking about private jets is that you travel according to a personal schedule, and you can even change the location or departure time if the situation requires it.

5. Baggage

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This is likely to delight many, especially women. No luggage restriction! This of course does not mean that you can carry everything you have, but that you have to keep in mind other passengers as well as the capacity of the cargo, and not to adhere to certain weights or dimensions of the suitcase.

6. Is it appropriate to tip the crew?

Although some companies have banned leaving leave to staff, believing that it is enough to praise them if you are satisfied with the service, most still approve. Therefore, if you want to express your gratitude and satisfaction with the service provided, you can do so in the amount of $ 50-300.

7. Take your documents with you

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It is assumed that you will bring your ID card or driver’s license with you, and if you are traveling abroad, a passport is required. If your provider requires it, bring your Visa card as well.

8. Privacy and safety

Private jet travel offers complete privacy and security to travelers. Because these services are often used by business people, private jets offer them peace and a pleasant environment to work in, and they are also suitable for transmitting confidential documents and information because there is no risk of eavesdropping.

9. Luxury and comfort

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Since you have already rented a private jet, then why not take advantage of all its benefits? Many jets are luxuriously equipped with leather seats, and even a bedroom and shower. Also, most are pet-friendly so your pet will be able to enjoy it. While enjoying your favorite pizza, you will be able to enjoy a top gourmet offer.

When you land at your destination, land transport will be waiting for you and take you where you want. If you wish, a limousine can meet you, everything under the agreement, so you arrive at your final destination very quickly, without the need to change several types of transport.

10. What is an empty leg flight?

For all who hear about this term, for the first time, let’s clarify. By this term, we mean an empty flight of an aircraft from one place to an agreed starting point. The good news is that these flights are up to 60% cheaper than the usual rental price. This right to provide the empty leg flight service belongs exclusively to the operator. To avail of these benefits, it must be stated in the contract. On the other hand, if the primary flight is canceled, you also lose the right to travel at a reduced price.


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As you’ve seen, traveling by private jet combines the comfortable with the useful. It is important to add that in case you are late for the flight, most operators will wait for you for a maximum of 30 minutes. Well, pack your things and enjoy this unforgettable adventure!