Several treatments can help people approach a lifestyle of weight loss. Receiving a regular therapeutic massage, using EFT tapping points, and a recurring appointment with a chiropractor are all elements of self-care that can lead to positive outcomes.

Some people try diets which too are beneficial as well as the weight loss pills that you can see more about here. But let’s check something different now.

Another treatment option to consider if you want to lose weight is to have acupressure placed on specific points of the body. This ancient Chinese practice is quite similar to acupuncture, but it comes with one primary difference. You don’t need to have needles stuck in your body to get results!

When a professional therapist places pressure on specific parts of the body, it can provide several positive results. People can start sleeping better, have less joint pain, and experience fewer headaches.

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History of acupressure

Reportedly, about 5,000 years ago, a Chinese general, suffering from sharp pain moving from his lower back to his thigh, during a battle, was struck by an arrow in the Achilles tendon and the pain disappeared. Acupressure is born and magic is discovered: you can reduce stress, improve mood and even alleviate headache – all by massaging certain points.

Acupressure, like acupuncture, has its source in traditional Chinese medicine. The technique is similar, but without needles. It rests on the same philosophical principles: in order to function, our body needs energy, called “qi”; and the slightest disorder (blockage, stagnation …) indicates disease.

Present throughout the body, the energy “qi” circulates invisible lines, meridians. This grid forms a kind of other skin, the “body of energy”. Acupressure points are associated with one or more vital organs on each meridian. By stimulating them with massage, heating, or needles, you can regain your inner balance and alleviate your problems.


Acupressure risks are minimal, provided all precautions are followed. There are certain points that should not be pressed during pregnancy, or that open sores, varicose veins, tumors, inflamed or infected skin, areas of recent surgery or areas where bone fracture is suspected.

Some pressure points can be self-applied if you need to experience some relief before you can make it to your next appointment. If you can get into a state of calm relaxation, then these are the best places for acupressure that can encourage weight loss.

Acupressure on the Ear

The pressure point for your ear is at the front, right near the highest end of your jaw. If you move your mouth up and down, then you can find this spot rather quickly. The place where the most movement occurs is where you want to place your fingers. Press firmly for a couple of minutes every day to generate appetite suppression benefits.

You can also experience muscle tension relief in your neck and shoulders when placing pressure in this spot daily.

Acupressure on the Inner Elbow

You can find this pressure position below the crease of your inner elbow. It’s about an inch below where the lines on your skin form at this joint. Gently massage this point for about three minutes each day.

This acupressure spot creates gastrointestinal tract benefits. When your body can process the foods you give it efficiently, then you can make more progress toward your weight loss goals.

Acupressure at the Ankle

The pressure point for your ankle is slightly above the joint. Place your index finger at the joint, then lay your hand flat with the other fingers next to it. The place where your pinky lies is where the acupressure should take place. Then put your thumb into the spot for about five minutes, providing intense pressure for about ten seconds at a time, to increase circulation to the area.

Acupressure at the Calf

You can find this pressure point on the outer part of your calf muscle. It’s about the width of your hand underneath your knee. You’ll want to keep the acupressure steady at this location with firmness, which typically means that your thumb is necessary to get the desired result. Keep going in this location until your muscle starts to feel sore, or a slight numbness begins developing.

Acupressure at the Eyebrow

Finding this spot to place pressure is quite tricky. You need to feel along the orbital socket on your skull along the eyebrow until you feel a small notch. Start pressing firmly where your nose meets with your forehead. Then take an index finger about across the brow until you feel a slightly softer spot than the others.

Once you have found the notch, place firm pressure on that exact location for about a minute. This acupressure point can clear out your sinus cavities while encouraging the body to release toxins. It helps with headaches, sleeping difficulties, and similar triggers that can promote unhealthy eating habits.

Acupressure at the Wrist

If you have an upset stomach, then this pressure point may help you to find some relief. Its location is about two fingers from below the palm at the center of your wrist. Then press with firmness using the forefinger and thumb to create moments of relief.

Another option is a pressure point located between your thumb and index finger. It is right at the edge of your skin webbing. You’ll know that you have it placed correctly because your thumb can feel the metatarsal bone of your finger while still impacting the soft tissues.

Acupressure at the Upper Lip

This pressure spot is in the area that is between the nose and your lip. When you look at this area (it’s the place where guys grow a mustache), you’ll notice two parallel ridges that extend from your nose to the upper lip. You want to place acupressure in the center of this place using a circular motion for about three minutes daily.

The best way to start losing weight is to take care of your physical needs. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, then the first coping skill for many tends to involve food. Using acupressure can help you to reduce pain and improve digestion so that you can focus on your health and wellness goals.