Choosing aftershave can be quite a tricky task for men as you go through a myriad of scents looking for one to compliment your natural body musk tone. The task gets a tad bit complicated when you are trying to figure out which aftershave is ideal for the warm and light summer season.

You don’t have to worry anymore, because below, a list of the 5 best aftershaves this summer has been compiled for you.  And the best part about these 5 aftershave options is that they perfectly match with anyone, no matter your individual musk tone.

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1. Aventus Creed

If you can get past the cheesy Napoleon imagery, the Aventus Creed is a powerful fragrance and aftershave for men. Representing alpha masculinity, this masterpiece introduces you to a strong and fruity whiff of pineapple without losing its appeal.

The fragrance aftershave further progressing on to bold notes of citrusy bergamot and fresh apple for a tart and sharp twist. The fragrance combination makes the Aventus Creed a go-to aftershave fragrance for any summertime affair. The aftershave is fabricated with top notes of tantalizing black currant and Italian bergamot combined with Calville Blanc apples and pineapple.

Although it is designed as a lighter fragrance type, the Aventus Creed still holds its place to provide a deep and strong long-lasting scent without losing its summer appeal. And as time goes by after its application, this fragrance gets stronger and stronger for a long-lasting feel.

You can learn more about the Aventus smell and read reviews over at CopyCat Fragrances.

2. Jack Black Post Shaving Gel

The Jack Black aftershave offers a year-round option making it great for all seasons. So your stereotypical inability to multifunction and stress about finding a different scent for each season is taken care of.  This popular men’s grooming items brand is packed with all-natural and skin-friendly ingredients avoiding any synthetic elements and colorants.

The aftershave features a five minute and five-step routine, incorporating the product in a gel consistency. In addition to freshening up your skin, the aftershave also boasts impressive anti-inflammatory qualities. The anti-inflammatory qualities are brought on by its natural ingredients such as aloe Vera, chamomile, mint, and sage.

These same ingredients also exceptionally counter razor burns and skin irritation whilst leaving you with a soothing feel. In addition, the gel consistency aftershave is also formulated to keep your skin hydrated for a younger and fresh look.  The aftershave doesn’t feature the use of alcohol or fragrance in its formula. So if you have sensitive skin, this is a post-shave gem you don’t want to miss out on.

3. Davidoff Cool Water

Is the summer season even complete without having this cool aftershave fragrance? The Davidoff Cool Water aftershave splash is the embodiment and the epitome of aqua and fresh masterpiece. The aftershave is designed to effectively nourish, soothe and calm your skin after shaving. And as you splash on the aftershave, you get to enjoy the cool and fresh marine fragrance notes all day long.  The aftershave fragrance is light and easy to wear.

It makes a great addition to your office or casual outfits. The aftershave fragrance features aromatic and fresh top notes of peppermint and lavender for just the right amount of floral calmness. The heart notes boast intense hints of oakmoss, geranium, and sandalwood whilst sensual and warm base notes of amber and musk hug your body throughout the day. And its oceanic notes let you think and envision it whilst it gently works to liven and relax your mood.

4. Issey Miyake L’Eau De Issey

The fresh and clean finish of Issey Miyake’s L’Eau de Issey serves as a great compliment to your natural body scent. The designer fragrance is designed to effortlessly blend in with natural body scents for that fresh, clean and masculine finish. In addition to its fresh aqua notes, the fragrance also oozes notes of masculine spicy and woody signature.

The aftershave fragrance is built with contrasting yet well-blending notes of spice, amber, citrus and aquatic notes that will definitely turn heads- the positive way. It’s light yet bold allowing you to easily rock it anywhere from an afternoon boat ride to evening casual or black-tie affair, complimenting your rugged and boyish summer look. The aftershave boasts fragrance notes of Japanese citrusy yuzu, mandarin, verbena cypress, coriander, sage, and blue waterlily.

The spicy notes include nutmeg, cinnamon, saffron, amber tobacco, and musk. The woody notes include velvety sandalwood and vetiver. and the artistic signature doesn’t end there. The nomadic aftershave is housed in a stylish and unbreakable bottle so you can carry it anywhere with you for an easy spritz after each shave or to simply freshen up, especially those frequent business trips.

5. Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm

The Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm is a haven for anyone with sensitive skin. A product of a popular skincare and grooming brand, special attention is taken to formulate the balm to make it an all year round product. Plus, it brings with great value giving you a 3.3 fluid once three-piece pack with every purchase. The balm consistency also comes in handy to maintain a well-hydrated and moisturized skin.

It also makes a great primer as well as layer and absorbent to a fragrance should you wish to pair it.  The formulated balm consistency also helps to offer soothing relief to your skin upon application. Furthermore, the aftershave balm features natural ingredients such as witch hazel, vitamin e, and chamomile to not only soothe your skin and to provide anti-inflammatory properties but to also prevent sunburns whilst making your skin vibrant and younger.

Additionally, the balm is formulated to fight skin irritation, itchiness, redness, and even bumps. Plus, the aftershave balm also been dermatologically tested for all skin types. the no-alcohol and no-fragrance formula makes it extremely safe to use. And if you are struggling with unhealthy and dry skin, in particular, using this non-fragranced aftershave balm yields impressive results after a short period of using it.