When anyone starts a business on a small scale, it can be challenging to handle all the operations. It affects the efficiency and productivity of the company. Specific applications are available for organizing the team, departments, and work. The communication between clients and workers is quite essential to proceed with everything smoothly. In big companies, there is a separate department and employees for every task. Everything goes well if we have a great workforce.

Nowadays, every person has a smartphone, and it is quite simple to handle everything through a single management application. But many people are unaware of these applications that can help in boosting the growth of their business. In this write-up, we will discuss some best small business applications.

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1. MRPeasy


The interface and the functionality reflect MRPeasy’s vision of supporting lean manufacturing practices. It’s sleek, easy to comprehend and packs a lot of power while also being super affordable (they also have a free trial). If you’re in the manufacturing business, it’s really a no-brainer.

2. Connecteam


It is a fantastic application that manages all the employees by connecting them through powerful interactive chats and calls. If you want to train your employees and deliver valuable words to them, then it is a perfect thing you need. It deals with daily communication, along with managing other procedures like scheduling, operations, monitoring, etc.

Everything is quite clear and transparent due to its user-friendly interface. It is possible to share videos, images, conversations, polls, quizzes, and much more. You can judge which employee has outstanding performance in your team. More than 8000 businesses have already used this application and considered it as an effective one for managing and scaling a small company effectively.

3. Chanty


Chanty is an excellent app for team chatting, which helps in making a secure connection within your team. It is quite simple to interact with texts, voice notes, and video or conference calls. If you are demonstrating something, you can also share your display screen with workers for explaining in a better way.

You can provide deadlines to your team so that every task is done on time and can easily be managed with ease. There is a hub, which helps in collecting and storing all the information about the staff. It can be contacts, operations, texts, etc.

4. Venmo


If you are finding any application, that can manage the entire payment processes, and then you must consider this one. Sometimes, a small business requires a powerful pay app that deals with all the purchase and selling of commodities and keeps the transparent record. If you have an online store, then you can prefer this application to make all the operation seamless.

You can create a network of people where you can share desired information about the products and services for experiencing more exposure. It works on platforms like Android and iOS, which is accessible to every person. It is possible to connect the Venmo wallet with a website or app for smooth transactions.

5. RescueTime


It is a great background app that helps in monitoring your activities and provide a detailed report to know the amount of accessed time. Some alerts beep every time whenever you need to know the time you are wasting on any website, social media, etc. It helps in connecting you with those sites whenever you need.

It is a great way to work against your competitors by creating and handling your strategies. If you recognize that you are wasting your time, then you will surely take care of it and organize your time accordingly. You can buy this application and try it for free for 14 days.

6. Monday


It is a project organizer application that helps in enhancing the communication bond between you and your team. You can also allot and handle tasks whenever required. It is simple to monitor the completion work status, i.e., assigned to them. You can also ask your workers to change the task status whenever they complete them.

It provides enough to save all types of documents that are easy to share with the team. If you forget to check the app, then it will provide notification, so that you can know what is happening in the office. It is an excellent application for effective communication between employees.

7. Basecamp


If you want to combine different teams on a single app, then it is a perfect app to streamline every task. It notifies everything to the users so that they can know what is happening in the business. You can assign essential tasks and make sure that you set time or deadline.

The panel displays all the information about the ongoing projects. One can question anything from anyone to clear all sorts of doubts. It is possible to change the task status and notify whether the project is completed or not. You can also communicate with clients and employees at the same time.

8. ZoomShift


It is another scheduling application that takes cares of creating, updating and deleting tasks. You can connect with your team and discuss all the requirements. After preparing the product, you can also talk to your clients for approval. You can use calendars to organize duties with deadlines. Every user can check out their shifts, schedules, time off request, availability, etc.

9. Mention


If you want a useful application for monitoring the status of your business, then you must prefer Mention application. It is easy to get live updates related to your products on different social media platforms by customers, brand, and competitors.

The app helps in attracting clients towards your online portal and improve the business reputation. If you need to generate any awareness program, then also you can operate it for positive results.

The Bottom Line

Every small company owner must need any application for task tracking and management. The communication with the team must be flexible and effective so that a business can work seamlessly. If you are still not using any app, then you must consider ones as mentioned above.

It helps in scaling and boosting the growth of your business to the next level by handling all the tasks. It simplifies your tracking and management process and reduces your effort while starting any project.