What Are The Best Apps For Charting Stocks And Crypto?No matter if you are new or experienced in the world of trading, you will always look for the best charting tools. The charting apps you use should be easy to navigate and provide you with real-time data. It is also crucial that the charting tools have good functionality. Some of the top picks when it comes to stock charting are as follows:

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1. Vig

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The app is equipped with good charting tools. The smart charting tools on this app can help you develop technical strategies for trading. The charting solutions of this app are one of the best in the market. If you want to enhance your knowledge about technical trading, Vigo is the best app for you.

Apart from the charting features, the app will keep updating you with real-time data. The news feed section constantly gets updated with the information related to the stock market. The app can also be used as a learning tool for amateur traders. The market screening feature of this app is also undoubtedly beneficial for options trading.

2. Stock Clock

This is one of the best mobile apps for stock and crypto charting. The news feed segment on this app will help you gather information regarding the stocks even before they start moving. The stocks can be filtered according to the criteria you want. The criteria can range from market cap to price and movement.

The powerful tools for segmenting will help you create your own watch list. You will receive a push notification for price alerts on your smart device. It is useful in knowing when the stocks go up to a certain price. You can get a week of free trial on Stock Clock. It is possible to get access to the paid version only for $10 every month.

3. Stock Charts

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You will get clean charts on this app with loads of indicators. The indicators can be found easily and placed on the charts. The free version of Stock Charts limits the number of indicators and overlays. Apart from that, the size of the chart is also limited when you are using the free version. The paid version is worthwhile, depending on your charting needs and screen size. You will usually like the functionalities of the Stock Charts app.

Paid subscribers of Stock Charts will get access to more charting tools. But the free version will also provide you access to a variety of tools. The predefined scans on this app will help you distinguish the stocks with bullish or bearish indicators. It is also possible to analyze the live charts related to the current price of stocks in the market. Before you subscribe to the paid version, you can enjoy the free version for a month.

4. Seeking Alpha

The best platform to manage your trading portfolio is Seeking Alpha. You can also learn about various financial instruments and the markets. The app has a powerful newsletter and extraordinary email alert feature. It ensures that users get holistic knowledge about the stock market. You can also review the stock chart on this platform for any asset.

Traders can check the activity of any security for up to five years in the past. A range of indicators can be used to review the activities as well as the trajectory of the stock. The chart is orange in color with a light background. The charts are also displayed in contrast with the indicators. This ensures that the chart is easy to read. Even if you are not a member, you can view the charts on the website.

5. Trading View

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The free version of Trading View can be pretty useful as it provides three indicators simultaneously. Some indicators are created on the app by other members. The interface of Trading View might seem a little complicated for some users. However, the display of the app is its most appealing feature. You can draw anything on your charts and add notes so that they can help you in making trading decisions. It is possible to show more than one chart at the same time. It also lets you split your screen so that bigger pictures can be displayed.

5. Finviz

You will also find stock charting features on this app that can be pretty useful. Some features such as levels of support and resistance and candlestick charts are available for free on the app. If you use the elite version, you will have access to more advanced charting tools. If you want to run a trade the next day, you can make a chart after the market closes.

It is a method for trend trading and simpler analysis. But one disadvantage is that no changes can be made on the free charts. The clean charts that provide a quick overview can help in confirming or disproving the analysis obtained from other charts. But both the free and elite versions can help you get pre-market or real-time data.

6. Coinigy

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This app can be quite beneficial for the technical analysis of crypto currencies. It is a bundle of charting features that can help in the development and execution of trading strategies. The app uses customized data to integrate more than 45 crypto currency exchanges. You can use a variety of indicators on this app to meet your charting needs. It is possible to execute trade orders across the different Coinigy exchanges. Some users prefer putting up text notifications to receive updates about custom events.

7. Cryptowatch

This comprehensive charting app will help you obtain order book data, volume and live-streamed price. The dashboard might seem a little intimidating at first. But the tool is easy to operate and navigate through. You can visualize live exchange data on this charting app. The indicators and overlays for technical analysis help in making trading decisions. The app does not have a huge variety of drawing tools and indicators at the moment. But the app is constantly getting updated to include more charting indicators.

8. Benzinga Pro

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It is a news streaming platform with access to market screeners, trade alerts, and other features. This app is suitable for fast-paced traders who need access to trading information at appropriate times. Therefore, you can sign up on this app to strategize your trading options. The charts on this platform are equipped with many indicators. However, the charts and indicators cannot be shared.

So, it is one obstacle in the path of this app being accepted by mainstream traders. However, forgetting the latest trading news and forming charts on the app, you can choose the basic subscription plan. The basic plan for subscription ranges up to $99 every month. On the other hand, the essential plan costs around $147 per month. To obtain a discount of up to 20%, you can choose the annual subscription for any of these plans.

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The apps in this article are perfect for stock charting and crypto charting. Even the free versions of most of these apps can be beneficial for your chatting needs. But if you want advanced features, you will have to take up a paid subscription. If you are looking for discounts, taking the annual subscription is wise. Some apps offer discounts when you take one year’s subscription. So, now that you have a clear idea of the applications to choose, get the one that suits you the most.