Many smoking alternatives have been invented in the past decade, due to prohibition of smoking indoors. Smokers simply had to find a way to adapt to the new circumstances, therefore inventing the first alternative, called e-cigarettes. At first it was ok to smoke them wherever you like, but lately many countries are prohibiting their usage indoors, as well. What the industry will come up with next to adapt, we’ll see.

During our first encounter with the world of electronic cigarettes, most of us found ourselves in a very difficult situation called CHOOSING MY FIRST ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE. What makes the choice slightly easier is when you visit a store looking for the same model used by your friend (relative, partner, colleague …). Just like that you make a purchase which was so much easier because you’re already familiar with the model, and have heard positive experiences about it.

However, those who have only just heard of electronic cigarettes as the best way to quit smoking had to decide on their first model, and when they see a huge assortment of products in the store (or on the website), it can be a big problem.

So, here are some tips on how to choose the best device, when you’re a beginner.

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1. Get to know the basics


Reading about vaping and e-cigarettes can cause a small confusion, especially for beginners trying to figure out if this is the same thig or not.

Vaping is the act of inhaling and releasing an aerosol, often called steam, produced by an e-cigarette or a similar device. The term is used because these devices do not produce tobacco smoke, but an aerosol, often the wrong name for water vapor, which actually consists of fine particles. Many of these particles contain different amounts of toxic chemicals, which are associated with cancer, as well as respiratory and heart diseases.

It has become increasingly popular thanks to the rise of these smoking alternatives, which were introduced to the mass market almost fifteen years ago.  So, the term itself is just a style of consuming an e-cigarette.

In general, a steam device consists of a mouthpiece, batteries, a cartridge containing juice, and heating components. When the device is used, the battery heats the heating component, which contains the juice converter in an aerosol that is inhaled into the lungs and then exhaled.

2. Research models available on the market

The first thing that every user sees when entering any shop is that there are a large number of models and that they all differ greatly in appearance, color, size, and many other things. Most beginners want a smaller model at the start that looks more like a tobacco cigarette, read more to see if these are right for you. What you should know though, is that the smaller models are generally of lower performance, which is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but the question is whether the smaller model will meet your needs if you smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. In this case, follow the next tip we’re writing about.

3. Consider using pod vapes, if you need help to quit smoking


As it was mentioned earlier, there so many types of these devices to choose from, and some are specialized to offer additional help in getting rid of the nasty smoking habit. We’re talking about the pod systems, which are mini vaping devices.

Their system is based on two parts – a juice tank and a battery. You’re free to choose whether to use the already filled tank option or an empty tank option.

Some have power buttons, but they are often automatic – which means they just need one vape to be activated.

Smokers who want to quit smoking regular cigarettes will like their simple design and satisfying way of delivering nicotine. They will also enjoy the vape, which is similar to using regular cigarettes.

4. Find your favorite juice

Now that you have the perfect device, you should buy some quality juice. After all, your starter pack is not nearly complete without it. Carefully selected juices can either enhance or ruin the whole experience. That’s why choosing the best juice to suit your taste is probably the most important decision you will make.

You will probably spend more time finding the perfect juice taste than you will spend looking for a device, because there are many more choices of juices compared to device choices. Some people need more vape, and some require more flavor. The choice is yours at the end to decide between these two priorities. Some like it when the throat gets hit, because it reminds them of tobacco cigarettes, while the aroma is in the background, which does not mean that it is not important.

5. Manufacturer and price


Since this is already a well-established industry, just as it is the case with normal cigarettes, choosing the right manufacturer is also important quality-wise. Not all the cigarettes are promising quality, not all manufacturers can guarantee you’ll be fully satisfied with their product. Therefore, be very selective. After all, vaping can also seriously influence your health. This you do not want to gamble with.

Second thing connected to the manufacturing is the price. You choose the one you can afford, but keep in mind that it also says a lot about the quality. And again, we come to the conclusion that investing more is better if the quality is guaranteed, because, again, gambling with health can only cost you more at the end.

6. Availability of the batteries

As all of them are battery-operated, it’s what you will not be able to use your device without. Different types consume different batteries, so when buying consider your options of procuring a spare battery in case you need one. The safest and the best possible option is to choose the one from the same manufacturer.

These six steps should get you going as a beginner in the vaping community.