The time when we needed the big desktop case for all important components for our PC is coming to an end. With mini-ITX case, we can combine all of the parts in a much smaller box and save a lot of space. You can now combine some of the best components, like 4K graphics cards, a lot of RAM and best processors, all of that in a small box that is ten times smaller than a regular desktop PC.

The big desktops are slowly going to history because with the advancements in technology each year we get more powerful mini-PCs, laptops, and smartphones. So the need for having a big box is reduced because now we can get our configuration in a small box and save a lot of space.

These cases have the size just enough to fit in the best parts along with a quality cooler, which is very important because of the lack of space. There are a lot of different ITX cases on the market with various prices. In this article, we are going to review some of the best ones that you can buy currently.

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1. In Win A1

Many of the users say that this one is the best mini ITX case for high-end configurations. This ITX tower supports the mini-ITX motherboard. The dimensions are 273 x 216 x 355 millimeter. It has an Audio and Mic support, two USB ports and a wireless Qi charger.

The InWin A1 represents an innovative case with modern design, and it is very compact. Also, it has a built-in power supply of 600W, which is enough power for running with some basic graphics card. The wireless charger is one of the best features which can also charge your phone.

The A1 is not capable of some high-end configurations. Instead, it is made for compact build and comfort, it goes great in a living room because it saves a lot of space over some old desktop PC. The price is around 180 dollars.

2. Phanteks Evolv Shift

From users’ experiences, we can see that this one is one of the best ITX cases for living rooms. The dimensions are 170 x 470 x 274 millimeters. The weight is 7.6 kilograms and it has an audio port, along with two USB ports.

This case has a water cooler, and it can stand both vertical and horizontal. The design is modern, and it looks like some woofer or a speaker. On the front of the Phanteks Evolv Shift, there are aluminum details along with glass panels.

This ITX case is favorite by many users because it goes perfectly in any living room. When it comes to some features, this case can stand most of the graphic cards, but you will need to upgrade the SFX power supply. The price of Evolv Shift is 110 dollars.

3. NZXT H200i

The NZXT H200i is considered to be the best ITX case in 2019. This case has great cooling support, CAM-powered Smart Device, two USB ports, Audi/ Mic port, and great cooling. The dimensions are 210 x 349 x 372 millimeters, which makes it one of the most compact cases on the market.

The H200i has a smart hu, two fans and the RGB LED strip. It can fit any high-end configuration into a small and well-designed box. Also, it has an intelligent digital fan and water cooling which is perfect for graphic cards. This ITX case is best choice for people who want smaller PC, but still capable to run almost every program or game.

The price is around 100 dollars which also makes it number one on the market because there are some more expensive cases that can`t fit some parts like this one. Also, it has a modern and attractive design so it is easy to find a spot for H200i.

4. Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB is a Micro-ATX tower which also supports the Mini-ITX. The dimensions are 398 x 276 x 351 millimeters. The weight is 7.1 kilograms. It has audio and two USB ports. The only downside is that there is no USB Type-C.

The Crystal 280X has a versatile interior layout, RBG fans, and a spacious dual-chamber design. It is similar to the older version of the desktop PC, but only it is a lot smaller. Also, it has a Lighting Node PRO controller. No matter that this case is the micro-ATX, it can be used for both mATX and the micro-ITX configurations.

The Crystal has an amazing design with matte black color it will look great in any place. There are three glass panels and a lot of cooling options and support for radiators for the size up to 280 millimeters. The price of the Corsair |Crystal 280X RGB is around 150 dollars.

5. Cooler Master Elite 110

From user experiences, we can see that many people consider this ITX case as one of the best of the market. The main reason for that is the price, this case costs only 45 dollars. The price along with decent features makes it the best budget ITX case on the market.

This case is compact and lightweight, only 2.65 kilograms, The dimensions are 260 x 208 x 280 millimeters. Also, it has the support for audio and two USB ports. The only downside might be a little more complicated installation, and airflow could be better.

The Cooler Master Elite 110 represents the basic ITX case, so you can`t expect any high-end configuration from it. But it compensates that with its size and design. This case is perfect for any room or office and looks like some speaker instead of a mini-PC.

There is a smart layout with GPU. You can fit a lot in this small box actually. The Elite 110 supports a wide range of graphic cards. You can upgrade the graphics up to the size of 8.3″, and there is still space for a liquid cooler. With all of these features and a lot smaller price than any other case, it is natural for the Elite 110 to be one of the most popular ITX case on the market.