We live in an age with so many options available to us, and most of those options and opportunities come from the latest tech achievements. It simply makes our lives easier, and here, regardless of whether we talk about work responsibilities or what we do in our spare time, it’s a fact that most time we spend online. Among all other devices, our phones and tablets play the most crucial role, and besides the fact that we cannot imagine a day passing by and not using our precious phones, that’s not about any kind of addiction, as even for the simplest of tasks and things we use phones. It is a much easier and, what’s even more important, faster way to check some info, find some solution, or simply browse the net and play our favorite game, for example.

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There is an app for everything

Luckily for us, most things, even work-related ones, we can perform from the comfort of our homes or any other place with a stable WiFi connection, for that matter. Understandably, our phones and other devices would not have been as important and effective if there weren’t for the mobile apps, as today, there is an app for almost everything. The latest digital revolution has changed everything, even how we spend our free time, and regardless of what you are fond of, there sure is an app for that.

How mobile apps make our lives easier

People often forget about certain basic benefits of living in this digital age. Take communication as an example, especially long-distance conversations. Chatting is as easy and simple today as it can be because we can not just talk to that person-we can also see them due to video calling applications. Furthermore, finding the precise location of a certain place has never been easier, and by a simple google search, we can even find maps where we can even see how some shops or houses look. Above all that, going shopping is now much more convenient, and even while we are camping in the woods, if we have a signal, yes, we can order and buy everything we need or wish.

Which apps are a must-have?

Of course, these are just some examples of how mobile apps make our everyday tasks easier, but some are there to provide us with a great time, and some provide much more security and safety for the data we have on our phones. Overall, the global impact that the apps have is immeasurable, but hundreds of new ones emerge each day, which makes picking the best ones more challenging and time-consuming. To help you reduce time spent researching which app to download and use, we gathered a list of the best ones that everyone simply needs to have on their phones.

Edit photos with Canva

Source: canva.com

There are thousands of apps that we can use to edit photos, but not that many of them provide features for designing business cards, posters, birthday cards, social media posts or promos, etc. All that changes with Canva, a free platform available to everyone, where all you need to design amazing cards is a bit of creativity mixed with a pinch of style. Even those not that knowledgeable about photo editing can easily create great social media posts, as this app also provides plenty of templates and editing tools.

Use a VPN to secure your online connection

Source: marketingorbis.com

Online safety and security are the most talked about topics today, and rightfully so. There is just too much personal and sensitive data online that we don’t want anyone else to have access to, which is where apps like VPN can be of much help. The sole function of the VPN is to secure your online connection, and it protects you from online snooping, interference, and any possible type of censorship. This app helps keep your identity online private while granting unlimited access to any websites, even restricted ones. Overall, if privacy is something you cherish, and if the unlimited and unrestricted online activity is what you seek, then the ExpressVPN app is the way to go.

Getting around the city is much easier with Transit

Source: stalbert.ca

Spending hours stuck in traffic should never more be a problem, especially when an app like Transit exists. As the name of the app says, it provides an insight into the current traffic and which route is the best to take depending on your route specifics, but it differs from other similar apps as it provides a real-time public transit data, with all the info about trains and busses, where they currently are and when will they arrive. Using Transit is as easy as it can be, as all that’s needed is to download it for free, check nearby departures, pick the type of transport, and you will get all the info about the nearby lines.

DuckDuckGo – Browse the net as freely as possible

Source: it-mixer.com

If you are an Android user and you still don’t have this app, well, there is something you must do about that. The cryptography and encryption behind this app, which acts as a search engine, grant a high level of security. Forget about the famous “incognito mode” because, as most are probably well aware by now, even when we browse the net in this mode, certain data is still being collected and stored about our online activity. All that changes when one uses DuckDuckGo, as it protects your privacy. Besides all this, personalized ads no one likes or want is yet another perk of using DuckDuckGo as it protects you from that and personalized search results. It’s all about freedom, and with DuckDuckGo, that’s what you will get precisely.

Use Lockbox to make your private notes private

Source: apps.apple.com

We have already established that our online security and privacy are most important, but what about data we have on our phones, like notes? Well, there is no need to worry about someone else finding out details of your private life, or social security or passport number, as with Lockbox, this type of info is well protected. The system this app uses is highly efficient in terms of protecting your privacy, as all the notes you insert into it are automatically encrypted and stored on the cloud so that you can access them at any time. It’s protected with a password of our choosing or a fingerprint, which makes Lockbox a simple yet highly practical mobile application for storing info.


These five apps mentioned above should help you a lot, especially when we take into count the amount of time we spend online and how much private info we have on our phones. Mobile apps, even though nothing new, probably have the most important role in our everyday life as without them, our life would surely be more complicated. Having the right app at the right moment is as important as having the right info at the very best moment, which says a lot about the overall importance of mobile applications today.