Business cards are vital for all entrepreneurs. It’s indispensable as business cards enhance your credibility and let others know what you do. Possessing business cards at a get-together or formal meeting is an excellent way to let others know about your contact details. At the same time, business cards also work as a status symbol.

Over the last few years, there has been a clear-cut change in trends in using business cards. Now, most entrepreneurs and professionals prefer using NFC-enabled business cards instead of printed ones.

In the current era of digitization, the more paperless you are, the more impactful presence you make at parties, events, seminars, workshops, and business meets.

NFC (Near Field Communication) cards have started replacing conventional business cards. It’s quite easy to create a chip-enabled (NFC) business card with the necessary details in it.

Through these cards, you can easily share contact details with others standing four inches away from you using smartphones.

These digitized cards completely negate the need to hold any physical cards, which always tend to get lost or misplaced.

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What Does NFC Mean?

NFC refers to Near-field Communication. It enables wireless data exchange within a specific limit through the use of an NFC card, smartphone, and RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology.

RFID technology is not new. Such technology has already been in use for the last several years for scanning purposes at stores and airports. In addition, the officials often use this technology to monitor luggage, warehouses, goods-in-transit, and for multiple security purposes. However, the workable range of RFID technology is a bit less than Bluetooth, which offers the user more wireless data exchange coverage.

Your simple touch on the device can help you share your contact details with others straight to their devices. The link should have your contact details, social media profile links, business details, and other information as per your need.

All NFC business cards come with a storage capacity of 2048 bytes. It means apart from contact details, you can include a lot of other information on such a card.

Benefits And Advantages of Using NFC-enabled Business Cards

1. No Use of Paper

NFC-enabled cards


NFC-enabled cards are completely safe and secure. When you go digital, you need not use any paper. Thus, through the use of these cards, you are not putting any pressure on the planet earth and saving trees and woods. Considering the impending threat of climate change and environmental degradation, the use of paper should be avoided as much as possible.

It’s no secret how people used to get a lot of business cards printed in the past because they had no viable option at that time. But now, the use of digitized cards can solve this problem if more and more people start using these cards instead of printed paper cards.

2. No Chance of Getting Misplaced or Lost

Sharing contact details through NFC-enabled cards can’t get misplaced or lost. Since you are directly sharing your contact details with the intended person, there’s no question of getting it misplaced or automatically deleted. It ensures the quick transfer of data in the least possible time.

3. You Can Edit the Contact Information


One of the biggest drawbacks of conventional paper-based business cards was their lack of flexibility. Once you have got your card printed, it becomes permanent. So if there’s any change in your contact details after a few months, you may have to again go through the process of printing your business cards.

But the NFC cards are flexible. Whenever there’s any change in your contact details, you have to simply edit the link and details mentioned therein. The person with whom you shared your card will automatically see the updated information the next time they click on the link.

4. Add Map And Routes To Your Business

You can also add necessary map and route-related guidance on your NFC-enabled card. Finally, you need to integrate Google Maps into the shareable link and update it. When maps and routes are visible, customers can bump into your office or shop more easily for any information.

5. It Good Way to Flaunt Your Technical Skills


Using NFC cards gives the indication that you are tech-savvy. It also shows your expertise in handling the latest tools and gadgets. When you present your NFC card to your potential customer, they understand that you are technologically adept. It helps in enhancing your credibility in your line of business.

Young customers are tech-savvy and love communicating through gadgets and online tools. Through a digitized business card, you get the opportunity to create a long-lasting impression in the mind of your potential customers.

6. More Durable than Paper Cards

Paper business cards or visiting cards have a low shelf life. They have more chances of getting wet, misplaced, and lost as compared to NFC-enabled cards. The information you share on NFC cards tends to stay on the receiver’s mobile permanently unless they manually delete the same. But when a person stores your number on their personal devices, such as a smartphone, it tends to stay there for a long time.

7. It Suits Your Pocket

It Suits Your Pocket


The use of an NFC card is far more affordable than paper business cards. Once you have made the card, you can share the link with as many persons or people as you want. Unlike paper cards, which you print in limited quantities, you need to buy an NFC business card once. Once it gets updated with a shareable link, you can start sharing it with your potential customers and new leads.

Summing Up

NFC is the new normal now. Apart from NFC-enabled visiting cards, the technology is now making its presence felt in other major industries, too. In the retail sector, NFC is helping merchants receive payment through the contactless process using NFC tags. Banks are also realizing its benefits and gradually shifting from plastic bank cards to contactless card systems through NFC tags.

NFC is an advanced and affordable technology for all. If you are a startup owner or want to revamp your business, create an NFC card with your contact details and other important information..