People tend to spend more and more time in front of their screens, and it does not end after a standard working shift, but continues throughout the day, while they never truly interrupt the exposure to the source of blue light and get on with the use their mobile phones for extensive periods. The same goes for students of different ages and even children who overwork their eyes by staring at various sources of artificial light instead of spending their time without having to focus on pictures in their immediate proximity. So much time in front of different screens causes eye strain but before you start panicking about the time you spend with your phone and PC think about whether you can use blue light glasses to prevent the damage before it happens.

Although technology has enabled us to enjoy countless benefits, numerous individuals tend to abuse their bodies by spending too much time in front of their either TV or PC screens which results in various health issues, of which it is especially important to mention those related to the eyes. The organ of sight could not provide your brain with an adequate image of the world around you if it had not the ability to collect the light from your environment and use it for the image projection that you see. Since the light from an artificial source fails to imitate the natural light your eye struggles to function normally. That is why we shall discuss blue light glasses in the lines below and try to figure out if they can help you with an eye strain since they are rumored to be capturing the sufficient blue light that leaves the screen and gets to your eyes.

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Eye Strain


Back in the day, people would suffer from eye strain when they would spend excessive amounts of time reading their favorite book or paying attention to certain processes that require full focus for long periods. Nowadays, people tend to experience eye fatigue much more often than before simply because the global lifestyle has changed and a traditional setting of a working place has gone through drastic changes and continues to evolve. That evolution implies things are done more rapidly and in a different way. Since the process is happening for quite some time, people have been trying to both prevent their eye troubles and minimize the consequences of too much time spent in front of their screens. Therefore, comes as no wonder why the ones who tried blue light glasses swear to their efficiency.

Blue Light Glasses


It is out of the question that blue light glasses are capable of gathering excessive amounts of blue light that are being radiated from TV screens that surround us everywhere we go, but the question that arouses is whether blue light is harmful to your eyes and whether it causes eye strain or it is just a myth. To be able to realize what are the numerous discomforts caused to your eyes by flashing screens you should read this article and realize how you can prevent the damage before it occurs. Now, after we have consulted the scientists and qualified eye doctors, we have realized there are two main streams that are actually not completely, in contrast, one to another.

The Expert’s Point of View


Firstly, there are the ones that recommend the use of the blue light glasses to everyone that spends more than six hours a day in front of their computer. When you get a hold of a piece of information such as this one you might want to act preventively and get yourself a pair before you even start experiencing troubles with your eyesight on your own. On the other hand, others claim there is not enough evidence and that there should be more surveys conveyed to declare the blue light glasses a valid tool for fighting eye fatigue and an eyesight preserver. Those who are not sure about the efficiency of the blue light goggles also suggest that you turn down the light of your PC screen in order to reduce eye strain, which is kind of contractionary to their previous statement since that is what the glasses do.

It is not unusual to use different techniques to treat your eyes and make them feel better with alternative means, but the point of wearing blue light glasses is never to experience eye strain in the first place. Thus, when your eyes get tired after a long working day spent in front of your PC screen what you could do to fix the fatigue is use an adequate brand of eye drops and lubricate your eyes from time to time. This is beneficial because people fail to blink as much as they would normally do when they stare at an artificial light source that is close to them. Apart from treating your eyes with artificial tears, you might also use a popular “20-20-20″ technique to rest your eyes from time to time. That implies you work for 20 minutes, and you rest your eyes for 20 seconds by focusing on an object that is 20ft away from you.

People’s Choice


No matter what different professionals have to say about blue light glasses, the number of satisfied users steadily grows and they report nothing but positive feedback. Apart from experiencing eye fatigue to a lesser extent or not at all, people who use blue light goggles also report improvements in their sleep disturbances. While some eye specialists state that is purely a product of a placebo, others continue to recommend their patients to save their selves from trouble and acquire a pair.

Therefore, it is quite reasonable to try this particular technique if you are having trouble with your eyes due to excessive exposure to screen lighting. Surely, you should never act on your own but consult your eye doctor before making any unsupported conclusions, since you need to be sure that your eye strain is not caused by any other health issue.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and data gathered will prove their usefulness and help you either help yourself or someone close to you and make their troubles with eye strain a thing of the past.

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