Wondering why your business fails to attract enough audiences or retain those who visit your website? Well, it’s likely because your audience development strategy isn’t effective enough. At a time when people can seamlessly access content from numerous sources, it has become quite challenging to build a vast and loyal audience.

Any business trying to build a strong online presence has to rely largely on the content they publish. However, the content must reach the target audience and encourage them to stay, which is why a sound audience development strategy is fundamental. To succeed in the competition, your business should be able to build an audience, retain and grow it, and ultimately convert them into customers.

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What exactly does audience development strategy mean?

An audience development strategy is a rather complex part of a business’ marketing efforts. Often, businesses make the mistake of assuming that simply posting great content on relevant online platforms is enough to grow a loyal audience and boost sales. However, such an approach isn’t really efficient enough to help a business beat its competition.

A comprehensive audience development strategy would involve the following:

  • Identifying the right audience in the first place
  • Reaching out to your target audience
  • Retaining the audience, i.e., figuring out how to make them come back again

Once you have successfully built a loyal audience base that trusts your brand and consumes your content regularly, it’ll be far easier to sell them your products and services. After all, people prefer to purchase from brands they can closely relate to.

How to boost your audience development strategy?

Most businesses that invest a lot in their digital marketing campaign and have an experienced digital marketing team put efforts into audience development. This means your biggest competitors likely have an advantage in this aspect, and you need the same. Here are a few tips on how you can develop your audience:

1. Identify the right target audience

You will have to customize your audience development strategy depending on your target audience. With that said, it is evident that the first step in the strategy should be to identify your audience. Carry out thorough research to identify the demographics of the people who are more likely to buy your products or services. For instance, the ideal target audience for a fitness app would usually consist of relatively younger individuals.

2. Engage with your audience

Source: ethos3.com

A growing number of companies are adopting social media to reach out to their audience. However, a majority of these brands make the mistake of using social media for one-way communication rather than engaging with the audience.

Remember, the biggest advantage of using social media for your business is that you can actually interact with potential customers. Make sure you reply to messages and comments actively and consistently. This will help foster trust and loyalty among the audience.

3. Ask for feedback

Asking the audience for their feedback and reviews not only helps you understand how you can improve your products and services but also shows them that you care. Remember, people tend to place more trust in brands that regularly seek their feedback and use it for improvements.

You can use even negative feedback to your advantage, as long as there aren’t an overwhelming number of negative reviews. Respond to these reviews in a manner which shows that you take the reviews seriously and would work to address the issues.

4. Build a community

As you start building your audience and have a sizeable number of people following your brand on social media platforms, consider turning it into a community. For instance, you can set up a chat/discussion forum, Facebook Group, etc., where the audience can interact with the brand and among themselves. A healthy and active community can go a long way in helping a brand succeed.

5. Pay attention to the engagement metrics

Thanks to various tools available online, you can easily check out the engagement metrics of your content. These metrics will give you insights into audience activity and help you adjust your strategy accordingly. For instance, if your webpage has a high bounce rate, you should consider changing the content. You can even check out how often your audience comes back to your website, which will help you understand their loyalty to the brand.

6. Publish current content, regularly

Trending topics, calendar holidays, and relatively less known but relevant events can make great content too. As long as you regularly post current and contemporary content, it will be easier to stay in your audience’s minds. You may use social listening tools to find out the most trending topics and quickly develop suitable content.

7. Build a consistent brand image

Source: pammarketingnut.com

This is a crucial tactic that brands often ignore. A consistent brand image makes it easier for your audience to remember the brand and relate to it. For instance, try to stick to a consistent tone or pitch every time you reach out to your audience. You can also leverage this to create a preferable impression of your brand, such as upbeat, trendy, or classy.


Audience development isn’t as simple as it might seem, as there are plenty of details to work on. However, this is definitely an indispensable component of your marketing strategy, and skipping it to avoid the hassle can have severe implications for your business. Building a consistent audience and expanding it is now the key to success for any brand.

It will be far easier to gain brand loyalty and increase sales when you successfully implement a sound audience development strategy. If you need some assistance, feel free to consult experts at leading digital marketing firms like Viafoura.