There are several people who sleep with a leg pillow between their legs to get quality sleep. Placing a pillow between your legs will keep them from colliding during the night. Your hips and back will twist if you do not use a leg pillow.

There are plenty of advantages to using a leg pillow. For instance, it lessens back and hip pain and can decrease herniated disc pain. In addition to that, putting a leg pillow between your knees might curtail sciatica pain and also enhance sleep posture.

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Top 9 Things To Consider When Buying A Leg Pillow

If you would like to have a look at the best leg pillows that are affordable, made of soft and high-quality materials, and enhance sleeping position, then Everlasting Comfort leg pillows are an ideal choice. Here are some factors you have to look at while buying a leg pillow.

1. The shape of the leg pillow


Several leg pillows fit comfortably between the legs of the person. The ideal leg cushion for people sleeping on their sides is the one that fits between a person’s thighs or runs the length of their calves. In addition to that, you can also find leg pillows in the shapes of cylinders and wedges. These are ideal for back sleepers who place a cushion beneath their knees.

2. Premium quality materials

Numerous leg pillows are constructed of memory foam and retain a fabric cover. In general, the high-density memory foam is superior to low-density memory foam in terms of quality.

However, not every manufacturer discloses information regarding the memory foam used to make leg pillows. When it comes to judging product quality, reading user reviews may be more beneficial.

3. Level of firmness

Different from the beds, leg pillows do not have a firmness rating. However, the desired brands frequently use terms to interpret the firmness of their leg pillows, which might be nonobjective.

The easiest method to figure out if a leg cushion is right for you is to use it or check it out. Scrolling down the customer reviews from people with comparable builds to you can also be beneficial.

4. Support

The degree of support supplied by leg pillows is directly proportional to the thickness and stiffness of the cushion. In general, leg pillows that are thick and relatively firm give additional support. People who are large and heavy tend to require the most aid. Meanwhile, lighter people can get the essential support even by using thin and soft cushions.

5. Pressure Relief


Leg cushions relieve pressure by stimulating proper spinal alignment. Pressure builds up in the spine and hips when the spine is not positioned in an adequate way. Leg cushions also have the potential to reduce stress on the knees and legs directly. The leg pillow’s density and firmness level have an effect on how it reduces pressure.

6. Size or weight of the leg pillow

People who mostly travel or sleep out of their residence should consider the size and weight of a leg pillow. Leg pillows range in size, from tiny to nearly as large as regular pillows. In addition to that, leg pillows come in a variety of weights. The dimensions and weight of knee pillows are usually summarized on the brand’s website.

7. Temperature control

The degree to which a leg pillow warms up in reaction to body heat is inferred as temperature regulation. The cool leg cushion is one that manages temperature appropriately. Numerous leg pillows are created with memory foam, which catches heat. In order to combat this, coverings are frequently constructed with cooling, breathable materials.

8. Cost of the leg pillow

Another factor worth considering while you plan to purchase a leg pillow is its price. Leg pillows come in a wide range of costs. Some are relatively cheaper, while others are expensive. In general, the cost of the leg pillow is determined by the materials and construction of the pillows, as well as the company’s fame.

9. Types of leg pillow


There are different types of leg pillows. Some are highly suitable for side sleepers, while others are ideal for back sleepers. Here is a brief description about the types of leg pillows available in the present marketplace.

  • Hourglass

The hourglass leg pillow has a thin center and thick edges. It is manufactured to fit comfortably between a person’s thighs and stay put. Side sleepers who prefer to keep their knees and legs apart should use hourglass knee pillows.

  • Body Pillow

In general, a body pillow is the width of the bed cushion but twice as long. Side sleepers and pregnant women benefit from body pillows. You can hug the body pillow, and it provides some space between the knees.

  • Half Moon

The half-moon pillow has one flat edge and resembles a cylinder. Back sleepers typically place it beneath their knees, but side sleepers might place it between their legs.

  • Cylinder

A cylindrical knee pillow is identical to a half moon pillow. However, the primary difference is that rather than retaining one flat side, it is totally spherical. Back sleepers typically utilize this pillow beneath their legs.

  • Wedge:

From the side, several wedge knee pillows appear triangular, although there are also rounded variations. Back sleepers typically utilize these cushions beneath their legs. Some models are made to raise the legs.

  • Heart

The heart-shaped leg cushion is tiny and also the cheapest on the market. For side sleepers, this leg pillow stays put between the knees and thighs. In addition to that, the pillow comprises a belt to keep it in place.

Bottom Line:


In this article, we have listed all the factors you should worry about while planning to buy a leg pillow. Hence, when you want to acquire a leg pillow, keep in mind to consider these factors so that you will choose the best model available in the marketplace.

Legs pillows are relatively beneficial for back sleepers, side sleepers, pregnant women, and those suffering from hip or back pain. However, it is better to avoid using leg pillows if you are a stomach sleeper or move constantly during your sleep.