It is not a new fact that Canadian Immigration is a lengthy process and quite expensive. Therefore, the question is, why should you hire an immigration consultant throughout the entire period of processing the application? The answer is simple, hiring a professional makes the whole process easy.

Nowadays, people are migrating to Canada and trying to get PR as the country provides many benefits, including good education and better job opportunities. But to settle in the country means to apply for a PR program which can be confusing. The immigration consultant in Toronto or other big cities of Canada can help you get the best results without any worries.

But the next question is how much it will cost for you to get an immigration consultant for your PR process. The following discussion will give you an idea of this, along with other details on the immigration process.

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Immigration Consultant For Canada


Living in a new country means following certain rules and guidelines. An immigration consultant will help you with everything from going to a country and then settling afterwards. Canada accepts several migrants searching for jobs or to achieve education facilities.

The living standards and other accessibility to various services for a secure life are what is bringing all these people to Canada, and this has increased Canadian immigration affairs leading to many new programs and rules. The consultant will ensure all the requirements, from visa approval to getting the PR, with proper steps and effortless methods.

Also, to understand the legal rights and guidelines to be followed, it is best to hire a professional who is helpful in legal matters and provides services to ensure the entire process is completed with satisfying results.

Services Offered By The Immigration Consultants

It is essential to understand and acknowledge the role of these consultants before heading to the following session to discuss the fees they might charge for the application process. Right from the beginning to the finishing point, these professionals will help you continuously in achieving your goal, and their services include every step required in the PR process.

They ensure you have all the documents needed for the procedure and whether they are genuine and without complications. One mistake in a single document can be an obstacle in increasing the chance of refusal on your application. But with a consultancy, they will be thorough with such details, so you have nothing to be worried about while waiting for the application to process.

Immigration to Canada also includes an interview that could be tricky for some people. The consultants can help you prepare for it and provide tips and tricks to ace the interview with flying colors. Their services are beneficial so that you can settle into a new place securely and in a quick and effortless manner.

All these don’t change the fact that the fees charged by the consultants could be expensive. However, overall their services are effective and essential, so it will gradually help you save time and money through an easy PR process without any unwanted stress or issues on the way.

Cost For Hiring A Consultant: 2024 Edition

The PR program is selected based on your case and individual requirements. Therefore the total cost for a consultant varies depending on the case and if there is any issue involved with it. Furthermore, the cost also depends on where you choose to reside, whether a town or the outskirts, as towns will have more cost than the latter.

The cost will be different for different consultancy. This is because each of them asks for a charge depending on the services they provide for you and how complex your application is for the visa process. The main types of cost charged are either based on hourly service, certain fixed rates for services or a percentage of the total value of the overall case.

The next factor to check is the consultant’s experience in the field. With more experience, it will certainly benefit you but also cost more. Usually, the hourly rate ranges from anything near $50 to $300 per hour.

Charges for specific services like creating an appropriate and error-free application can cost around $500 to $2500. And a percentage of 15 or less can be charged if taking an overall share from your particular case.

Finally, an important note to take as an applicant is that the consultants fix these charges and not the government; therefore, you can always negotiate and come to terms with an affordable fee that can be provided on time.

In addition, all the costs can be broken down and paid in multiple installments whenever necessary, making it easy to pay without further worries.

Choosing The Best Immigration Consultant For Your Case


Several options are laid in front of you these days when selecting a consultant for a great result. With so many options, choosing the best and the one with a reasonable charge can be tricky.

First, ensure that the consultant has a license and is an expert with enough experience in dealing with different cases included in the PR program for Canada.

The website of ICCRC is a good place for checking if the consultant has a license and is well known for their work. Further, research their previous works and go through reviews to know if this should be your final choice or not. This will help you eliminate the chances of getting into the hands of people who could be frauds and not genuine with what they offer.


The fees for each consultant can vary depending on many factors. For example, it could depend on the PR program, your case and the professional’s years of experience in this field.

The fees can be expensive at times; however, you can always check many factors and further consider talking with the consultant to get a price you can afford without compromising on selecting the best ones.