You just got a new paint job done on your car, or you even got a new car, but the rainy season is here again. If you are looking for a way to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, then you’d love our easy-to-follow tips to protect your car during the rainy season.

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Tip 1. Wash Off Your Car Often

If you think that the rain helps you wash your car, then you are ruining your car’s exterior. Rain contains acidic chemicals that gradually eat away at the paint of your car. Washing your car properly right after rainfall is important to protect your car’s body.

Tip 2. Use A Sealant

Sealing up your car after a carwash with a car or rain repellant is a way to protect your 4-wheeled darling from damage. When rain falls, it rolls right off, so it saves you the energy washing your car after every rainfall.

Tip 3. Keep Your Car Covered

Keeping your car safe in a sheltered carpark or garage will keep your car protected from not only rain but also other things like bird poop, twigs, sticks, and even theft. If you do not have access to a garage or a sheltered space, you can invest in a car cover; this also protects your car from the weather elements.

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Tip 4. Drive Safely

The rainy season can be difficult for motorists; the roads are slippery, vision is impaired, your car is overworking, and you are trying to keep the car on the road. Driving safely is the best way to take care of your car and keep yourself safe and unharmed. So, don’t go past the speed limit, don’t hit the brakes speedily, avoid any distractions, remain calm, and don’t make sudden turns.

Tip 5. Avoid Driving into Floods

The fastest way to destroy your car during the rainy season is to drive into floods because water will get into the car and damage the engine. It is best to wait till the water subsides or find another route to your destination.

Tip 6. Clean the Underside of Your Vehicle to Keep It from Corroding

Many times, car owners only focus on the body, and interiors of the car and almost totally forget the underside of the car. Driving around during the rainy season gets the bottom of the car real dirty from mud and rainwater. Having these accumulating under your vehicle will gradually damage your vehicle. Taking your car into a wash every other month will keep it in excellent condition for years to come.

Tip 7. Keep Your Car’s Interiors Dry

Moisture and water can make your car smell terrible. Ensure you are keeping the interiors dry. One way to do it is to put old newspapers on the floor of your car to absorb water from wet shoes. The newspapers absorb the water and keep your car dry.

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Tip 8. Maintain Your Windscreen Wipers

During the rainy season, your windscreen wipers work a lot. It is important to ensure they are working just fine and replace them if they need to be replaced. Using bad wipers is unsafe to drive around when there is rain and can scratch your windscreen if it is not properly fitted.

Tip 9. Seal Up Openings

Ensure linings in the car are properly sealed up to keep the rainwater from leaking into the car. Replace or repair the linings, oil the door to make them watertight. Remember to spray the body of your car with anti-corrosion to prevent it from wearing out.

Tip 10. Maintain Your Tires

Rainy seasons are the times where you need your tires in top condition. Tread marks on the tires to avoid you skidding off the road. If you notice the tread marks on the tires are worn out, the safest thing to do is to get them replaced.

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Bonus Tip

During the rainy season, visibility on the road is affected drastically. Make sure your indicators and reflectors work. Check your door’s rubber sealant to make sure water does not seep in and mess up your car’s interiors.

Do not use car covers during the rainy season. It might seem like a reasonable thing to do to protect your car’s exterior during the rainy season, but it is counterintuitive. Because when rain falls the cover sticks to your car’s body, when it dries out, taking the cover out might cause some of the car’s coating to go along with it thus ruining your car’s exterior.

One more thing, if you get into a flood by accident, keep on revving your engine to avoid water from getting into the engine, do this as much as you can till you can get out of the water.

Get your car battery secure by adding a coat of petroleum jelly to protect them from moisture if water ever gets under the hood.

Also check your air conditioning system before the rainy season begins because the AC filter works harder to reduce the wet particles and grimes that might get into the car.

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You can also take public transport more during the rainy season to keep your vehicle off the road. Another way to take care of your car is to have auto insurance coverage for your vehicle, this way you are protected in case of an accident during rain. Our pick is “DirectAsia Car Insurance Coverage” – have you covered even if you get into an accident while driving in the rain.

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If you were driving on a rainy day, and something awful happened to you, you can be rest assured that our dedicated partner workshops will be there to help you get your car up and working again.