The debate on whether to carry cash or not while travelling has been raging ever since it became more common to possess money in the form of cards or phone apps.And because it is more important than ever to keep the money in your bank account secured, this debate is now more relevant than ever.

The game of protecting your assets is entering a new phase going into the 2024s, with more things being digital than ever.

While the cash vs. card/app debate may never be truly settled, there is still much of this debate that should be explored when it comes to traveling.

Carrying cash when you travel may still be a viable solution. We’ll explore some cases for and against this here.

You can’t “hack” cash

Although it is seen as a comical concept that we think only happens to public figures and people who do not know how to protect their PC, identity theft is becoming a bigger issue.

Because more and more apps and other network related tools are being developed to prevent people from carrying cash with them, there also exist more and more ways for this information to be stolen.

None of this is relevant when you carry cash. If an identity thief sees that you do not have any money in your bank account because you took it all out of an ATM, they will move onto the next without hesitation.

This is extremely useful if you are on the road. You won’t need to worry about anybody getting into your bank account because your money is right at your side.

However, it is extremely difficult to use certain phone apps without money on a card or app

Staying with the example of being on the road, if something does happen, you get stranded, and you have no money on your card or app, but do have cash on you, it will be pretty difficult to use your phone for certain services.

If you are driving on a highway, get a flat tire, and need to take an Uber or a Lyft to buy a replacement tire, things can get pretty complicated if all you have is cash. While it may still be possible to do what you need to do, there is no doubt that it would be a bit easier if you did not carry cash.

Further, cash can be stolen directly from you. If you do not have the right self defense skills and/or gear and you get approached by a suspicious person, the chances of you still possessing that cash are not high.

The solution

There is a simple solution to this. And that solution is to take whatever cash you think will be necessary and leave the rest in your bank account. Although this still leaves your bank account vulnerable, at least you’ll have a good amount of the cash in it on your person.

If you are so worried about your bank account to the point where you want as little money in it as possible, then take out the majority of your bank account in cash. But leave just enough in the account for things you might need a card or app for, such as Uber or Lyft.

Another option, although it is costly, is to purchase a prepaid debit card with the rest of the money in your bank account. While these cost money to load and cost money to use, they are not directly attached to any bank account.

The last option is to know exactly what you need money for, this way you can survive without money if necessary. Many things can be paid in advance when traveling. Be smart and pay for anything you can in advance. This way you will not need to worry about carrying any money.

The debate on whether you should carry cash or not while traveling will probably never be decisively settled. However, if you explore both sides of the debate, you can come up with ways to carry money while traveling that bring you peace of mind.