Looking for a high-quality commercial kegerator? This equipment is responsible for the correct cooling and storage of various beverages, so no brewery or bar can do without it.

To make it easier for you to choose the proper equipment, we have made a list of 5 items to help you find the kegerator for all the needs of your business.

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Equipment Size and Type of Keg

Equipment Size and Type of Keg

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Since we are talking about commercial kegerator, such devices are usually quite large: 19*31*39″, 24*31*38″, 28*38*96″, 58 7/8 x 27 3/4 x 35 5/8″, etc. Do not buy refrigeration equipment «for growth», because it will waste electricity. Try to find the option that is just enough for all your kegs.

Modern equipment is designed for several types of barrels, including half barrel, quarter barrel, and sixth barrel keg. If you also want to install a Corny keg, keep in mind that it works with another type of connection system.

For example, the Corny Sixth barrel keg has a pin system, while the Cornelius keg works with a ball lock.

Type of Beverage

Kegerator is used not only for beer storage.

You can buy equipment for cooling and storing wine, nitro-coffee, or even kombucha.

As for beer, when choosing the equipment, take into account what varieties you will be storing in it: different types of beer require different keg couplers.

Keg cooler Type D is usually included, it is suitable for most North American beers. European varieties require a different type of connector.

Number of Beverages

If you plan to serve just one type of beer, then you need a device with one beer line. Usually, it is quite a compact fridge that takes up little space and fits small bars or pubs.

For those establishments that are going to store and dispense kegs with different drinks, larger refrigeration equipment is required. The number of beer lines is selected based on the number of beer varieties. In other words, for 5 kegs with 5 different drinks, you need 5 beer lines.


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This includes the installation place: outdoors, in the kitchen, under the table, and other varieties of kegerators.

You can also choose:

  • Type of device (built-in, freestanding, full-size, etc.).

Most brewers prefer freestanding models, as they are more versatile. Built-in equipment is relevant only if you are sure that you will not change anything in the layout of your establishment.

  • Positioning (vertical or horizontal).

Depends on the space available.

  • The desired number of doors (there are models with 1, 2 and 3 doors).

In addition to the number of doors, you can choose the desired material. For example, order glass or steel doors.

Glass doors are perfect if, in addition to the keg, you will also store bottled beer or other drinks inside. So customers can quickly decide what they want to try.

In turn, steel doors can be further branded, which will also help to promote your products.

Additional Functions

It includes adjusting the operating temperature range with a digital thermostat, fluorescent lamps for a better view, drip trays, rollers to improve mobility, etc.

Ready to buy a commercial kegerator? The site of the popular company Beverage Craft offers a large selection of equipment designed for the different needs of consumers.

The brand representatives will gladly help you choose the right model, so you will always serve your customers fresh and cool drinks!