Whether you’re looking for steel or fiber grating suppliers, choosing vendors to partner with isn’t always easy. Remember, you want it to be a true partnership. So how can you not only search for vendors but select the “right” suppliers for your business? The answer is multifactorial; business vision, relationship building, cost-effectiveness, self-awareness.

The responsibility of both manufacturers and suppliers to keep up their end of the bargain so that everyone can profit and make the lives of others better is a monumental task. You are not on romantic escapades with these vendors, but you are trying to find a connection with these suppliers to see if you vibe together.

In other words, find vendors that are right for your vision of your business, manufactures that you can grow with, and make one apple into two. The truth is, in the end, it’s just business, but you want to make everyone happy with the least amount of friction to allow your company to flow as smoothly as possible.

Below we will show how to be adaptable in your business vision and flex for maximum growth, how and where to connect with vendors for your manufacturing business and the giant pink elephant in the room. Was it as good for you as it was for me?

Fiberglass Grating Suppliers & Adaptability In Business Vision

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Most manufacturing companies and suppliers end their relationships because of accountability, inadaptability, and money. For example, let’s take FRP suppliers & companies, such as seasafe.com looking to make a product with this material. I thought it was black and white. Some of you are possibly saying, is it this complicated? For the most part, it’s a double-edged sword, but you will be surprised by why some business relationships end.The connection can be as easy as you are from the same coastline to as complicated as beliefs. Not to worry, why? Because you have a say in the partnership.

If it’s not working, find another or be flexible with your business vision. Better yet, yourself and the people that help run your business. I’m not saying stay stuck in a business partnership that isn’t working. No, quite the opposite. But please, try to look at yourself, your employees, and your business first. And after you see everything working seamlessly, look at the supplier.

Many businesses get rid of their manufacturer too early and get left with some or none. Sometimes It’s the right decision for your business vision. It depends on your business partnership. That is why I promote self-awareness, competence, and work ethic as divine traits for companies. These traits are intangibles to look for in anything successful in life.

How & Where To Connect With Vendors

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Where are all these tall and powerful vendors? Well, that depends, local or non-local? How much do you want to scale right now? Your business vision is your limit and guide. Searching for and finding a supplier isn’t hard; what’s hard is finding the right one and successfully staying partners; unless all parties win, nobody’s happy.

If your vision is USA-made, you can start with friends, family, or colleagues in the same business. If no one can steer you in the right direction, check out the many online vendors.

Here are several sources to find online vendors for your manufacturing company in the USA:

  • ThomasNet
  • Maker’s Row
  • MFG
  • Kompass

Here are several sources to find online vendors for your manufacturing business abroad:

  • IndiaMart
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • Oberlo

But beyond those possibilities, you are now living in the time of today. This time, you can call, email, or DM (Direct Message) almost any executive and a Decision-maker of any company in the USA or abroad.

We have access to incredible tools like all the social media channels available to us today, not to mention the World Wide Web—especially LinkedIn, promoting your business online. A universe of possibilities.

Are We Profiting From This Business Relationship

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When I say we, I mean everyone, from your employees to your business partner and their employees. Ask this question in life and business whenever you want to do some checks and balances, is everything running smoothly without friction?

The bottom line is that humans are always going to be human. What does that mean? It means that more likely than not, an error will occur or an obstacle that you have to overcome.

When obstacles come, accountability, responsibility, and essential fundamental qualities come into play. Is it true that you have to get along with everyone in business? No. But it will take a lot of stress off and makes a whole lot of sense. Here comes, possibly, the easiest part of your business. What are your margins? What’s your payroll? What are you paying for, and why are you paying that price?

When I say, is everyone profiting? I don’t just mean in dollars but also all aspects of life. Can everyone make money and be incredibly miserable? Yes. But why would anyone want to be miserable running their company? Many universities have studied the brain and how it functions when it’s happy and unhappy. Everyone has experienced that time flies when you’re having fun. In the same way, the brain operates better when you are joyful.

People are better decision-makers, learn faster and work easier when they’re happy. How do you show yourself? Are you as flexible with the people you see as you are with your business?
There is a multiverse of possibilities for you and your business. We talked about how life and business are not black and white but grey. Choosing the right vendors or suppliers doesn’t always come down to who gives you the best margins. It’s as colorful as there are people, businesses, and wholesale suppliers.

You have to get along with each other, and everyone has to profit. Listen, I know this isn’t sesame street, but it helps you better operate yourself and your business. What are the best qualities to look for in personnel, companies, and suppliers? Self-awareness, personality frictions, adaptability, work ethic, competence, and joyfulness. Do and be the change business owners.