Choosing an online broker, and the right one for that matter is a very important step for any trader or trader wannabe. And there are many options out there, so how do you choose the one that does what you want? All the tips you need are on

First of all, you want to make sure you’re clear about what you need from your broker. Are you looking to invest in certain assets? Do you need solid customer service? What’s your level of expertise? What features will you absolutely need to be present on the broker’s online platform?

Once you know exactly what you want you can narrow the options of brokers. And here is where proves to be an invaluable tool. The site offers a research tool for online brokers, allowing you to have all the information you need about each of them with even a rating system.

In fact, not only you can research the brokers individually, but you can also use the comparing tool in It will present different online brokers you may be considering in a very clear way. You can check their security level, education features, as well as many other important features.

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What to look for when choosing an online broker?


All online brokers offer slightly different services, features, and extras. But there are some basic aspects that you need to pay attention to and can determine if the online broker you’re considering is the best one for you, or not.

  • Commissions and fees
  • Assets they deal with
  • Account minimums
  • Reviews and feedback
  • Demo account

1. Commissions and fees

When choosing an online broker, new traders must check what the commissions and fees are, in order to avoid future disappointments. It’s also important to make sure you won’t be paying any hidden fees.

Fees and commissions may depend on what type of asset you’ll be dealing with. For example, it’s more and more common now not to charge a commission in buying and selling stocks. If you’re planning to invest in ETFs there are also a few brokers that have commission-free schemes that may be more convenient for you.

However, whatever assets you are dealing with, some brokers may not charge a commission for a certain amount of money, or if you have a premium account. Make sure you check out to see in detail what the fees and commission will be for your specific case.

2. Assets


While most online brokers deal with the basic assets, stocks, forex, bonds, options, and mutual funds, you should make sure the broker you’re planning to work with offers what you want. For example, cryptocurrency is now a very common investment, but not all brokers deal with it.

And today cryptocurrencies represent a fundamental tool both for obtaining profits in the short term and for diversifying one’s portfolio! Precisely for this reason it is important to choose the broker also according to the instruments it makes available and the assets on which it is possible to invest. In addition to cryptocurrencies, the most interesting assets are commodities (mainly oil, gold, silver, wheat and natural gas), currencies (in particular euro and dollar) but also stocks (possibly diversified by geographical areas as well as by sector. In this way you will be able to diversify your investments efficiently and obtain a profit from your capital while minimizing risks. Investing is very tricky process and having and having someone who can advice you is extremely important. That is why it is very good to use services of some financial companies such as one at, which will help you in your investing process.

3. Account minimums

There are many online brokers that do not require a minimum to start investing. However, others may ask for a minimum initial investment of 500 dollars or more. If you’re starting with a smaller amount of money, you may want to make sure your chosen broker doesn’t ask for a minimum.

4. Reviews and feedback


Check out your new broker! The internet is full of information, and among it all, you can find reviews of the brokers you’re planning to engage. Learning from others’ experiences will prove vital in the process of choosing the right broker for you.

Today more than ever, reviews help us choose the best broker correctly. Thanks to the reviews of other traders, in fact, it is possible to quickly discover any problems related to the investment platform or, even worse, any irregularities.

5. Social Trading

Another very important aspect is related to social trading. Some brokers, in fact, offer this tool to their clients. This is a very interesting solution. But how does social trading work? Basically, a trader can decide to follow and replicate the investments of the other traders on the platform.

First you choose the trader who gets the best results. Once you have selected the trader you want to follow (just like in a real social platform) you can set everything up automatically. In this way, the system will replicate the trader’s operations allowing us to invest without having to spend hours in front of the pc to analyze charts and choose the assets.

6. Demo account


Many brokers offer a demo account that allows you to start using their platform and practice making some investments with fake money. This shows how serious and confident the broker is in the quality of their services and it helps you decide if that’s the right broker for you. The demo account is a truly excellent tool especially for beginners.

With the demo account you can simulate your investments. In this way you can practice, experience, without risking losing your money. It is also a very good tool for testing trading strategies that you are not sure of. In short, the demo account is an excellent ally of the trader!