The start of a new season is always a magical time, as it ignites you with new energy to become better. Many people feel stuck with family photos in awkward places like closets and attics. These pictures are too precious to discard as they carry cherished memories of departed loved ones, and captured moments that are impossible to relive.

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Why You Need to Digitize Those Old Photos

Technology keeps on changing. You may need to have some memories both in print like photo books or wall arts and slide shows to play through functions or family gatherings. The latter requires that your content is saved onto a medium like USBs, DVDs, or memory cards, which are compatible with the latest gadgets.

Making slideshows from the photo collection is another excellent way to remember events and loved ones. Imagine presenting a slideshow memory of your loved one’s childhood highlights at their wedding!

Digitized photos also enable sharing with concerned parties while retaining your original version, thanks to technology.

Prints get ruined over time. Retaining those precious memories in their original print form is not a good idea. The quality of print has changed over time, and you may opt for better-quality prints available in the market today.

Declutter your space: Decluttering your space is therapeutic with immense psychological benefits. Many people look forward to spring cleaning to tidy up, restructure and open up crowded spaces into functional areas. Are you wondering what to do with your piles of printed photos? Digitizing photos is one of the best ways to declutter your space while retaining memories, as it allows you to store more content in very minimal space.

Here are steps to help you get it done.

Collect and organize all the photos

Though the idea is exciting and you may want to jump and start scanning right away, it is not as easy as it sounds. Traveling back in time by going through photos may evoke memories and become an extremely emotional process. It is understandable if you are unable to sort the pictures by yourself. Classic Memories is one of the few companies that understand the weight behind these mementos, and offer free consultations to help along the way. Click here to check their website.

All you will need to do is supply them with the pile of photos and advise the ones you wish to keep. The company helps you with the selection, and scans your photos for you.

Sort the photos by people and events. Group the pictures into occasions and events, like birthdays, vacations, and weddings. Any images that are not related to specific events can go under family or person groups. Ensure that all the photos are marked with the appropriate tags.

Organize by date. Sorting the piles in chronological order will help give you some order. You do not have to get the exact date details, as most often separating by year would suffice.

Choose a Service Provider

Many companies market their services for photo digitization. Without any experience in the field, you may settle for amateurs that overate themselves and deliver below expectations.

Qualities of the right service provider

Walk with you through the process: Life is extremely personal. Everyone gathers something through events and life growing up. Your service provider should be patient enough to allow you to walk back and relive the moments. No one knows the significance of the memories the photos carry better than you. The best agencies accord their clients undivided attention, and a listening ear.

Able to meet your needs: Since we all have different expectations and requirements, the right agency should offer tailored services that will suit your particular needs. Some resolution of your photos may require closer attention than others.

Reasonably priced: While memories are precious, you should not have to pay exorbitant amounts for digitizing photos. Consider agencies that offer free consultation, which allows you to engage them at a closer level and understand what the packages entail. Compare prices against the services you expect. It is also advisable to check the service providers’ money back policy.

Quality work: The latest scanning equipment enables fast turn-around time and high resolution digital images. This is crucial as it determines the kind of photos and work you will get. Remember, the digitized images might need to be transferred to a different medium in the next few years to keep up with technology, hence it is essential to maintain high quality.

Share and Enjoy

Once you have a well organized digital archive of loved one’s photos, you can share your beautiful collection with those who are close to your heart as you enjoy. This is also another way of backing up. You can organize, edit, tag, and share the photos on various platforms, privately or in groups. Other ways you can share the digital pictures with your loved ones include:

– File sharing services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, or OneDrive.

– Email attachment

– WeTransfer

– Embed in a blog or website

You may also consider printing services that turn your old photos into neat products like photo books, wall art, or framed prints.


While more people are exploring DIY options in accomplishing many tasks, digitizing old photos may require more expertise and tools for the best results. If you are in Westchester, Stamford, New York or its environs, you can get in-person consultation services to walk you through the process. The services are not limited by distance, though, as you can get your old photos digitized regardless of your location. All you will need to do is pack and post the photos, then wait for the digitized versions of your collection.

Do not feel stuck with the old photos every spring cleaning when you can digitize them, free your space, and create beautiful memories. Get in touch with the experts and give the old photos a new lease on life.