All businesses rely on an efficient supply chain, but commercial growers have unique supply chain challenges. They need to offer fresh, high-quality products, which means timing is everything. Outdoor growers deal with the natural environment, while indoor growers need unique equipment to ensure bountiful harvests. Dealing with multiple suppliers makes it difficult for commercial growers to stay efficient and on schedule. With that in mind, many now rely on single-source providers that offer everything from facility design to harvest supplies.

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1. A Streamlined Ordering System Creates Efficiency


Traditionally, farmers have used several providers to supply essential needs like plant care products, equipment, tools, and greenhouse design assistance. However, the method is cumbersome, inefficient, and not very cost efficient. Many growers have switched to single-source providers to get everything they need via a single portal such as

Growers who switch to a single supplier:

  • Streamline administrative work
  • Reduce inventory expenses related to multiple deliveries from a variety of suppliers
  • Gain access to the latest technology by working closely with one supplier

2. Professionals Offer Design Help

Full-service providers like Agron include facility design in their services. They can help clients design custom greenhouses and create indoor and outdoor systems.

Specialty teams develop hydroponic systems tailored to clients’ unique needs. These experts are behind some of the most famous grow houses seen on social media.

Outdoor experts help clients with site selection, preparing the land, genetics, irrigation solutions, and soil testing. Skilled technicians who have experience with many cultivation methods can assist growers with equipment choices and operations.

3. Clients Have Easy Access to a Range of Plant Supplies


Growers often face challenges in maintaining an inventory of plant supplies, getting fast delivery, and anticipating changing needs. For many, the problem is aggravated by the use of outdated methods. According to professionals at Supply Chain Game Changer, “In lots of growing cannabis companies, purchasing and inventory are still done on an ad-hoc basis. “… lots of growing cannabis businesses conduct inventory management and procurement using fax, emails, and spreadsheets instead of more sophisticated supply chain software.”

Single-source providers offer farmers a single portal that offers a high-tech solution. Customers can order thousands of products online. A supplier representative helps clients manage the logistics of ordering straight from manufacturers. Clients have access to real-time inventory and wholesale pricing, and the items ship from the distribution centers nearest their locations.

Clients can order from an inventory of plant care products that include a range of nutrients. Experts writing for Cannabis Training University emphasize that choosing the correct nutrients and applying them precisely is key to bountiful harvests. With that in mind, single-source providers offer various nutrient delivery systems that make it simple to gauge and apply products correctly. Customers also have access to an array of industry-leading pest control options.

4. There Is Grow System Equipment for Every Need

Commercial growers might choose to cultivate crops outdoors, use indoor facilities, or mix the two in greenhouses. Some farmers like the control of hydroponics, while others are dedicated to growing in soil. Whatever method they choose, every grower needs equipment that supports their system, and a well-established single-source provider offers a host of options.

For instance, clients who are setting up hydroponic systems can order equipment that includes trays, rolling benches, water pumps, aeration supplies, and sprayers. Suppliers also offer a range of propagation supplies and cloning machines.

Each grower can find the best media for specific plants. Suppliers also offer a wide range of grow lights and everything needed to create the ideal environment. Customers can order fans, dehumidifiers, and air purification equipment suited to their needs.

5. Suppliers Stock Tools and Gear


Efficiency is key for commercial growers, and that means having the right tools for every stage of plant growth. That is why full-service agricultural suppliers stock a full range of grower’s gear and tools. These include:

  • Stakes, markers, and cages
  • Scissors and pruning shears
  • Clips, ties, and tape
  • Headwear, glasses, and eyewear
  • Plant support
  • Gloves and hand tools
  • Alcohol
  • Cleaning and sanitation products

6. Clients Can Order Propagation Supplies

While some farmers prefer to start crops from seed, many use cloning, which is known as propagation and is common in the cannabis industry. Propagation is the process of rooting cannabis cuttings. New plants are genetically identical to the mother plant the clone came from. To get the best results, growers use specialty products and equipment that make cloning efficient enough for commercial products.

A one-source provider offers clients cloning media, gels, and machines. They sell cut trays, humidity domes, heat mats, and thermostats. Growers can find lighting for every setup and specialty cloning equipment, including scalpels, inserts, sprayers, and cloning collars.

7. Suppliers Provide Harvest Supplies


A full-service business offers the supplies growers need to harvest, process, and store products. Harvest products include:

  • Bucking machines designed to de-stem or de-bud cannabis plants
  • Trimmers that give cannabis buds a traditional football shape
  • Extraction equipment that removes essential compounds from plants
  • Drying racks and equipment
  • Rosin heat presses to extract cannabinoids from plants
  • Storage containers and bags
  • Vacuum bags and humidity packs that keep products fresh

8. Clients Enjoy Exceptional Customer Care

One-stop providers like Agron partner with clients to ensure the best results. Experienced support staff help customers find the best products and equipment for their commercial grow facilities.

Customer care professionals offer email, phone, and live chat assistance. These specialists have experience helping hundreds of commercial growers build their businesses. They have seen dozens of kinds of problems and are experts at finding solutions, eliminating issues, and keeping clients’ projects on schedule. Specialists work on solutions so growers can focus on cultivating their crops.

It is becoming common for commercial growers to use well-established, single-source providers for all their business needs. One-source providers help clients streamline the supply chain and save money by eliminating go-betweens. Providers will help clients design the best indoor or outdoor environment for their crops. Suppliers carry a wide range of equipment and products for all types of growing needs and can help customers choose the best options for their needs. They also offer extraordinary customer service and work with customers to help them reach their goals.