Are you looking to install an air conditioner in your home? If you have never had an air conditioner before, you might be interested to know how much this home cooling system costs to run. Well, you might think getting estimates for how much your new air conditioner will cost to run should not be your priority—especially if you are too excited having an air con in your home soon—but don’t you think it’s no good investing in a unit you cannot even afford to use?

In this article, we will provide you with some guide prices for how expensive—or cheap—it is to run an air conditioner. We’ll also give you a lowdown on some factors that might affect how much an air conditioning installation might cost you in the long run.

Is running an air conditioner expensive?


We really cannot tell for sure how much your air conditioner could cost you in the long run, but there are certain variables that could make a huge difference in how much you will have to spend running one. The running costs for an air conditioner usually depend on the type of air conditioning unit you are using, including its capacity and cost to run per hour, as well as the size of the room you are cooling down.

For instance, a 2.5-kW air conditioning unit that needs to cool down a small room costs around 10p. But if you are cooling down a large room using a 5kW unit, then that might cost you around 20p an hour.

What factors affect the cost of running an air conditioner?

To give you a rough idea, here are the different factors that may affect how expensive it could cost you to run an air conditioner:

  • Type of air conditioner

As you shop for an air conditioning unit for your home, you will discover that there is a wide range of air conditioning systems to choose from. These systems have different efficiency levels and as expected, the cheapest to run is the one with the most efficient climate control system. Despite that, you might still be tempted to choose a less efficient option because such options are usually cheaper than the more efficient ones.

The most common types of air conditioning systems you will find on the market are the portable, central and split or multi-split air conditioners. If you want one that is cheap, the portable air conditioner is the way to go. But since it is cheap, it means it is more expensive to run, which also means it is not the best long-term solution for your air conditioning needs.


We won’t be talking much about central air conditioning systems, because these are usually installed to cool down an entire building. It’s obviously not an economical option if you are only cooling down your home.

If you want an air conditioner that can offer a long-term air conditioning solution and has relatively low running costs, a split or multi-split air conditioner is the way to go. This air con offers high levels of efficiency and flexibility and is also a huge plus when it is time to sell your home!

  • Energy efficiency

This is something you cannot look past if you want to know how much it will cost to run your air conditioning. The energy efficiency of your unit will make a huge difference to the long-term running costs of your unit, so make sure that the unit you choose has a high efficiency rating. The more efficient your air conditioner is, the cheaper your electricity bill will be. That is one of the reasons why more efficient conditioning units are more expensive to buy than the less efficient ones.

  •  System features

Do you want your air conditioner to have special features? Why not? Nowadays, many manufacturers manufacture their air conditioners with features that help boost energy efficiency and provide added comfort. Some aircons have self-cleaning functions, while some have features that adapt air flow. These features do not only make air conditioners more effective when they are on, but they also help reduce their operation time or the temperature you set them at. Depending on your needs, you will find an air conditioner with features that perfectly suit you!

  •  Servicing and maintenance

Just as how the special features of your air con can make a huge difference to its running costs, the servicing and maintenance of your air con will also affect how much you will need to run your air con in the long run. Ideally, you will have to service your home air con system at least once a year and fix any faults you might notice as soon as possible. This will not only help keep your air conditioner efficient but also keep your power bill as low as possible.

  •  System output


Another great way to avoid high air conditioning running costs is to choose a system with the right output. Why? Because this will determine how powerful your climate control will be. If you choose a system that is not powerful enough, you may need to keep your air con longer because it is not delivering. Conversely, investing in a system that is too powerful will have you paying for energy that you do not need. To avoid this problem, make sure to choose a unit that has the right output for you. You can help your air conditioning service provider decide on this by telling them the size and type of room that you will use your air conditioner for.

  •  System controls

Did you know that the controls of your air con can also have an impact on how much it would cost to run? Some modern air conditioners let you make sure your unit is on only when you need it, helping you reduce your energy consumption.


So you see, it can get quite tricky determining how much your air conditioner will cost to run, unless you have already decided on a specific system. We hope that the guide costs we have discussed in this article from Sun City Air will help you weigh up factors and give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend running your chosen air conditioning system. Click here to learn more about them.