In world culture, the UK is associated with many wonderful things: great literature, music, and an inimitable delicate sense of humour. And of course, for many, Great Britain is synonymous with impeccable taste in clothes and style.

Can stylish clothes also be comfortable? That’s the question modern designers of pajamas and other clothing know exactly the answer to.

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Luxury all-purpose pajamas: a flagship trend in the fashion universe

So what is the meaning of ‘multipurpose pajamas’? The answer is simple: over the past few years, pyjama sets have grown from the obvious option of a home lounge dress to a full-fledged member of the fashion scene – clothes with which fashionistas create unique and striking images.

Now a woman or man may well go out in her favourite pyjamas:

  • To the office
  • For a morning jog
  • To the movies
  • To the supermarket
  • To a friendly party
  • And even a job interview

In part, this mainstream has been born out of the pandemic and the massive shift to a WFH mode. On the other hand, even after returning to a familiar pattern of life, people didn’t want to give up a sense of cosy, comfortable off-duty style.

And the first fashion label to introduce not-so-sleepwear Pjs to the inhabitants of megacities was the Ukrainian Sleeper. Founded in 2014 in the Ukrainian capital, the brand embodied its creators’ dream of comfortable, beautiful and versatile women’s outerwear. And today, Sleeper sales include dresses, suits and of course pajamas in the UK and worldwide.

Pajama as an all-over casual look – a temptation you can’t resist

So why are pyjamas and other lounge dress styles equally loved by fashion designers and consumers?

It’s obvious! They’re the perfect choice for several reasons.

Firstly, pyjamas are always made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials. For example, Olivia von Halle’s gorgeous pyjamas are made of silk-satin, cotton-silk and silk-velvet. The Sleeper’s creators, Asya Varetsa and Kate Zubarieva use natural linen and viscose for their garments.

The wearer of this fashionable outfit will not encounter any discomfort such as skin irritations or allergic reactions. Linen has excellent breathability, and it helps with proper thermoregulation. In addition, both linen and viscose are sustainable, perfectly wearable and retain their colour and attractive appearance for a long time.

Almost any PJ, especially one-colour luxury pajamas available for sale from Sleeper, opens up unlimited possibilities for creating new outfits. Such a set can easily be split to find daring and fresh solutions, combining pyjama slacks with white shirts and T-shirts, turtlenecks and waistcoats, voluminous jumpers, feather cardigans and leather jackets.

And the blouse makes a great combo with your favourite classic trousers, a pair of smart skinnies, a skirt or bright leggings.

And by wearing the set on its own, the pretty UK girl is guaranteed to have an understated, but unmistakably elegant and seamless look, which can easily be accessorised with her favourite handbag, scarf or jewellery of her choice.

Feather pyjamas: be the show-stealer at any party!

Picture your perfect party outfit. Comfortable enough to dance the night away, bright enough to draw all eyes, bold enough to accentuate your extraordinary personality, yet smart enough to feel confident.

These are all luxury party pyjamas! They’re as snug as your favourite sleepwear and as striking as the most elegant dress.

Most of all, designers love decorating party pyjamas with feathers. You might have seen silky feather pyjamas from Nadine Merabi or Nasty Gal on your Instagram or Pinterest.

Feather-adorned pyjamas are a great choice for a New Year’s Eve party or going to a nightclub with girlfriends and it’s also a go-anywhere gift for your other half, relative or friend.


Just look at the Sleeper red feather pyjamas, for example! Isn’t it perfect? The brand’s feather pyjamas have gained a cult status and have become a signature outfit in which the devotees unmistakably recognise the label’s trademark style.

  • The pyjamas have a comfortable, fun and glamorous vibe with a flirty twist. Just right for the party queen!
  • The loose silhouette of the suit is the best fit for active movement;
  • The classic design of the blouse with handy pockets creates a balance between formal and casual styles;
  • Ankle-length trousers embellished with feathers are sure to accentuate the beauty of a woman’s legs, especially when paired with a stiletto!

But what if feather pyjamas are too much for you? No problem! The sets are versatile! You can easily kick the glamour down a notch by simply detaching the feathers. Swap high heels for ballet flats, throw on a formal over-size jacket and you’re ready for a casual business look!

What’s on tap for the UK: A feather cardigan and much more

So, those in the United Kingdom who have decided to put on their pyjamas for the upcoming holidays, or simply want to add a comfy casual set to their wardrobe, have a huge choice. The Sleeper website alone offers dozens of options: a cropped black feather cardigan decorated with mother-of-pearl buttons, cosy shearling slippers or fine silk ballet flats, smart dresses and of course, some luxury Sleeper pajamas on sale. The brand even offers options for wedding dresses, wedding pyjamas and accessories such as white capes.


Many celebrities don’t mind turning their lives into slumber parties. Style icons Julianne Moore and Kate Moss wear Sleeper outfits, and even Jason Momoa appeared at the Slumberland premiere in purple pyjamas.