In this age of globalization, we are short of time. We demand information in the most convenient way possible. This is the reason why videos are the number one content to engage and influence people. Starting from personal demands to professional activities, a video has the full capacity to drive and engage the audience in a matter of minutes.

But all videos do not create engagement. The way you present your videos is also equally crucial. The videos must have the concept of catching the attention of the viewers from the very beginning. Thus, perhaps, a perfectly designed collage video will win your day.

Capture your summer vacation or the long drive that you went and combine them to make a video collage in just a few simple clicks.

This article has all the necessary information that you must require to start creating a video collage.

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What is a video collage?

A video collage is a combination of several videos that run in a single video. Meaning, it is a video where you can put all your videos together and customize it with your favorite music and design. Just like a photo collage, a video collage instantly grabs one’s attention and exponentially enhances the engagement of your content.

What are some free video collage editing softwares that you can use?

The market has a lot of options for video collage software, and these softwares provide a lot of attractive features. Thus, getting the best video collage maker might be confusing. But, the top applications that you might consider are:

How do video collages improve your brand values?

  • Video marketing is a crucial and most demanded element that every company adopts.
  • No matter small or big, companies use video to highlight their brand name and value in the corporate world.
  • Thus, being in the age of competition, never miss out on creating the best of videos using the expert online video editing tools to make an attractive video collage.
  • They have a huge collection of templates that can be used for a professional purpose.
  • Using the transition effect or adding music from their music library, they will assist you in creating a professional and polished video in just a few clicks. Creating a video collage in these online platforms is not only easy but also fun.

Uplift the brand’s image with these powerful video editing tools.

Can you use video collages to enhance your social media presence?

  • Yes. You can use videos to enhance your social media influence.
  • The world has adopted social media as the best medium to connect. From photos to videos, social media has dominated the internet world at its fingertips.
  • Additionally, we, as social creatures, also have heavily increased our time in social media platforms.
  • Now, everyone owns a smartphone. Thus, being a social influencer, your videos can grab the attention that you deserve.
    The eye-catching videos that you create from the online platforms are going to turn heads.
  • Further, if you invest some of your time to improve the style and design of your videos, you get the upper hand.
  • For example, a video collage will instantly grab everyone’s attention on social media platforms and create significant engagement.

What are the steps to create your first collage video?

To create a video collage is quite easy. Even a beginner can follow the steps and successfully create a dazzling video. The steps are almost identical for all the applications mentioned above.

  • Log in to the video collage maker.
  • They Have readymade templates that you can select to initiate the video editing process. Select the ‘video collage maker’ and choose from the vast collection of templates.
  • You can add your media files or choose from our video collection to proceed. Further, the users can access the music library or add their customized music in their videos.
  • Trim the videos according to your requirements. Mute the audio or use your favorite music in the background.
  • Further, the users can resize the video clips and set the background to video ratio according to their demands.
  • With the expert editing tools, you can edit your videos at any instance. Do not forget to use the water effect to get an awesome output. You can find all about it over here.
  • The interface of these applications is quite easy to understand.
  • Further, they have pop-up guides to assist you in editing your videos.
  • After editing your video, click on the export button to export your creation to your device.
  • Voila! You successfully created a collage video.

What are some of the tips that you should follow?

  • Do not forget to include attractive and creative transitions while making a video. Transitions have a huge impact on how the viewers perceive your video. A vague transition might show that your video lacks seriousness.
  • Choose templates or themes according to the videos you have. If it’s about your vacation days, then consider choosing a fun-filled template and customize the theme accordingly.
    Never forget to add a catching background track while editing your videos. It will not only enhance the quality of the videos but also help you impress your viewers.
  • Use the in-house expert’s suggestions of video collage templates to make it more apt and polished.
  • Always ensure that you choose the right color. Your videos and images should collaborate and not clash with the color that you use in your videos.
  • The camera angle, while shooting your video, is also necessary. This enhances the interest of the viewers and keeps them engaged for a longer duration.


Now that you have the idea to create a customized video collage do not forget to share them with your friends and family. The more you share your content, the better reach you get.

Further, you can use different hashtags and captions to enhance the style of your videos. We believe that you can create the most stunning video collage of all time.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit viddedit above and get the experience of a premium video editing platform. All the best!