The audio engineering profession is gaining popularity and becoming more and more developed while staying in demand. Good engineers have worldwide fame, they get Grammys, they make good money, and sometimes even the music mixing tools are named in their honor. Moreover, musicians from all over the world are eager to work with them & learn more about them. So what is the job of an audio engineer and how to choose “yours the one”?

In the process of mixing music, the engineer creates sound images, formulates sound, understands the very concept of sound, its fixation, and processing. He balances and edits recorded tracks in such a way that all instruments are harmoniously combined, and the whole work has acquired a holistic and characteristic sound. A good mixer knows the physics of sound well, understands music and psychoacoustics, and has a musical education. So, you don’t have to dig into the whole process of mixing, your engineer knows better. Now, let’s speak about how to find an audio engineer or a mixing service with the quickest approach & shortest yet practical steps.

Here is a tip-list for finding the needed engineer or mixing service:

  • Sound. Listen to the songs which were mastered by them. Ask yourself – do they sound professional? Does it seem like they know what they’re doing? Does this look like a finished product? If the answer is yes – you found it, so why not go with it?!
  • Budget. How much are you ready/able to pay to get your track mixed? Good online mixing services offer a wide range of service packages to match every taste and budget.
  • Style. Mixing each genre of music is a separate art form. That’s why you should try to find a mixer who specializes in that particular genre which you need and that you gravitate to.
  • Reputation. Check their website, read the credits and reviews. Do your research beforehand, and find the best solution that suits you.

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What Is Mixing?

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Mixing is the process of combining a multi-track recording into a standard stereo track within a couple of tries, trials & errors. A good mix will make your song pop out of the speakers, and it will easily attract audience & curious listeners that love to hear crispy and loud music. The best mixing track will have the following elements:

  • A proper balance of different levels & tracks
  • Cohesive & ideal flow
  • Manipulates and enhances the sonic character
  • It has good vocals
  • Not too pitched and it is ear catchy

There Are Affordable Mixing Services

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The world does not stand still and nowadays many things are done online, as you probably know it and you have witnessed it yourself. Technological progress has not bypassed the world of audio production either. Beginners and long-term practicing musicians now breathe deeply with relief, because to edit their tracks they don’t have to go to the studio, pay big money to rent a studio, or download any programs for properly mixing or mastering their tracks. Now it is enough to choose a good service on the Internet, and voila – the track is ready to beat the ratings!

Such services enable musicians from all over the world to get a high-quality mixed track at an affordable price. And the principle of their work is nowhere simpler: we load a track, set several predefined parameters based on our wishes, and, voila, the track is ready. Professional sound in one click.

The main pros of sticking to this as your solution? You can have all of your wishes come true and enjoy proper results at the comfort of your home without actually leaving the apartment! Let the music come to you when you need it the most.

Enjoy Professional Music Mastering

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The mixing process removes minor defects in sound, brings it to perfection, and makes it “universal” for listening on any device that you own and at any given point.

Many musicians wonder if they can mix their tracks at home. Well, believe it or not, the answer is that yes: you can. But the effort and time they spend may not be worth the result. Indeed, unlike professional engineers, such newbies have no experience and do not know all the pitfalls of the process since it can be hard to master while being time-consuming.
However, self-mastering has its advantages. Some of them are:

  • You do not depend on anyone
  • You have full control over the final result
  • Not as pricey
  • Perfect for DIY-people

Be Aware Of Some Drawbacks

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As it is with any business & approach, there are also some significant drawbacks, which means that you need to know how to approach your goals the right way. It will take a lot of time to learn the topic, many plugins are not cheaper than the service of a professional mixer, and your result may sound unprofessional.

Of course, mastering and mixing is a process that should take place in a specially equipped room, isolated from the outside world, on high-quality equipment, and, of course, by a professional. The skills and keen hearing of the engineer, his experience, and his ability to work with equipment together with a properly equipped workspace – this is what professional mastering is. This is the only way to make a track sound as good as possible.

Whereas, professional mastering has many more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, professional mastering is certainly much better than home mastering (its main advantage), it is also a good time saver. Sometimes the result doesn’t meet your needs – let’s face it. But it can be readjusted.

However, at the mastering stage it is impossible to correct all the mistakes made in the previous stages of creating a track, respectively, the better the track before mastering, the better it will sound after it.

Where To Order The Service

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Working with such services is extremely simple, only when you know where to look & who to trust. Based on the point stop-list, select the appropriate service or an engineer for yourself that has met your previous criteria, as well as all of our reviewed & recommended steps. For those who need a bit of help and that proper ”boost”, make sure that you visit this site. They have more than 10 years of experience, and they have completed over 1000 projects thus far. Record your music at home or in the studio of your choice, then export your raw files and upload them to the service’s server together with your references. In a few days, the engineers will send you the professionally mixed song. During the process, you can make your suggestions and experiment with the sound per your wish & preference. The engineers are always attentive to your wishes, so they will do their best.